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April 24, 2017

Travel Cot Review: Phil and Ted Traveller

When I found out I was pregnant I immediately started to work out how baby will fit into our travel plans. One of the most fundamental aspects to consider is of course sleeping arrangements, particularly as my husband and I frequently reside in Air B ‘n’ B accommodations which might not necessarily come with the necessary amenities for a young baby. Upon beginning my search for travel cots I came across the Phil and Teds Traveller which caught my eye due to its ability to be compacted relatively small and its portable nature.

The travel cot weighs only seven pounds and fits into a sleek, yoga-mat-size bag you can carry over your shoulder, like a cross-body bag, and can easily put in an overhead locker on an aircraft. Although I haven’t yet ventured overseas (baby Isla is still only 6 weeks), I did have the opportunity to test the Phil and Teds Traveller on our first mini-break to visit nanny in Cambridgeshire. The cot was the perfect size to fit in the boot of the car along with the small mountain of luggage that comes with travelling with a small baby and was super easy to put together at the other end.

Unlike many travel cots that open in one piece The Phil & Teds Traveller comes packed more like a tent in an easy carry bag. There are 10 interconnecting aluminium pieces that need to be clicked together to make the frame, then threaded through the cot netting, with a self-inflating mattress. If you follow the clearly labelled instructions it is very easy to understand and can be put together in a few short minutes. The self-inflating mattress takes just seconds to inflate once unrolled, and comes with a fitted travel sheet. It appears very thin, but it is sturdy.

The cot has a fold down side and as an add on you can also purchase a UV sun shade cover, great for if you want to have your baby sleeping outside, or protected from insects (as we will on our trip to Costa Rica this sumer!). The cot is suitable up to three years of age and although it can be used from newborn it did seem a bit big for my tiny little seven pound baby! I made her feel a bit more snuggled up by using her Sleepyhead bed inside the cot, which is one of my favourite baby travel items (you can see my review here).

All in all, I was really pleased with the Phil and Teds Traveller as it’s lightweight and portable. However, whilst it is small enough to take as hand luggage or to be checked in when travelling by air I am concerned this would mean sacrificing another piece of luggage (its small as far as travel cots go but its not tiny!). I will definitely be taking this travel cot when we travel around the UK or if we drive to Europe, but I think while she is small enough I will take our travel Koo-di travel cot when we travel abroad as this folds up much smaller (but will be no good once she’s bigger and able to roll!).

If you’re interested you can purchase the Phil and Teds Traveller on their website or on Amazon for £160.

I was gifted the Phil and Ted travel cot in exchange for an honest review.

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