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April 24, 2017

How To Indulge Your Wanderlust This Summer

If you love travelling, your number one problem is probably trying to narrow down your ideas when it comes to which holiday you want to go on. The world is such a huge place and a lot of us are very limited in both funds to go travelling with and holiday days at work – which means that we really need to make our holiday count. One of the best ways to do that is by making sure that you keep moving during every holiday that you go on – what’s the point in spending two weeks in a villa in Spain if you’re desperately hungry to see the world? Here are some tips about how to get out there and make the most of the beautiful planet we live on…

Make Sure You’re Financially Prepared

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First of all, there’s pretty much nothing fun about going on holiday if you spend the whole time feeling sick about your overdraft or dreading the credit card bills that will be awaiting you on your doormat when you get home. It’s important that you budget carefully when you’re going away, particularly if it isn’t all pre-booked and you’re going to be taking some chances when you’re away as you travel around. Make a daily budget to spend on food and accommodation – and remember that you should always leave some money over in case of emergencies. You might want to fly home quickly or escape an unpleasant hostel or get an expensive taxi home. Having some extra money means that you have the power to do exactly what you want when you want.

Decide What Sort Of Trip You Want

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Secondly, it’s important to figure out what exactly you want from your trip. There are a few options that you could choose from if you want to travel around…

  • Island hopping. If you really want to explore the Greek islands or the islands off the coast of Thailand then there’s absolutely nothing better than an island hopping holiday in the sun. It’s a good idea to make a basic plan before you leave about where exactly you want to go, so you know what you’re doing and where you plan to go next. Island hopping is a great way to take in a lot of different cultures quickly and really get to know a country.
  • A cruise. If you want to travel in refined style then a cruise is perfect for you, whether it’s around Iceland to see the Aurora, exploring the Norwegian fjords, cruising down the Danube or even around the Caribbean islands. If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out for some tips and ideas – going on a cruise really does allow you to relax and see the world from a completely different viewpoint.
  • Interrailing. Getting an interrailing ticket around Europe is the absolute best way to see a lot of countries quickly. Living out of a backpack isn’t easy – make sure that you pack light – but it’ll definitely be worth it as you get to see some of the best capital cities in the world and travel from country to country on the ever reliable European trains.

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  • A road trip. If you want complete control over your trip, then a road trip is perfect – check out the abandoned Route 66 in the US, stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles. It’s probably the most iconic route in the world and will let you take in pretty much everything you want to see across America, from Oklahoma to LA to St Louis. But don’t forget that road trips don’t just happen in the US – the Garden Route in South Africa takes you through the gorgeous Winelands just outside Cape Town before taking you down to the exquisite scenery of the Whale Coast. If you want something a little different, go for Iceland’s Ring Road – its desolate beauty is truly something to behold.

How Will You Capture Your Memories?










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Finally, figure out how exactly you plan to capture the memories that you’ve made when you were away. A lot of people like to use paper journals – this means that you can stick in tickets and photographs that you’ve taken. You could also use your social media as a sort of journal by posting photos you’ve taken. Of course, taking photos is key to keeping memories close to your heart – but even more important are the moments when you’re not taking photographs and you’re focusing fully on the world around yourself. Those moments are what travelling is really all about.

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  2. lexandneek says:

    Great advice! Will keep in mind for the summer this year. Although, we’ll probably be taking a road trip.

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