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May 18, 2017

Spacecot Review: The most convenient and lightest travel cot on the market

‘SpaceCot's arrival heralds the beginning of a new era of baby travel. With it's use of innovative space technologies, SpaceCot is the lightest and easiest folding travel cot on the market for you and your baby’

This was the opening line of the press release I was given by here) and whilst this did fold up really nicely and was super light to carry, it just felt too big for my little baby (at 10 weeks old she now weighs 10lb 9oz and still wears clothes aged up to one month!). I also tested the Koodi travel crib (you can read about that here). The Koodi was great for small babies but I felt that it lacked stability if baby Isla was to roll and I didn’t like the thought of putting her to sleep on the floor. The Spacecot is a perfect in between, offering a crib option for younger babies with the sturdy structure of the larger, traditional travel cots.

The SpaceCot travel cot is a new innovation, engineered by an Oxford University Engineer and Professor, inspired by the way satellites unfurl at 30,000 miles above the earth. The SpaceCot uses this technology to open and close in 3 seconds (you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cot that can be assembled quicker!). The travel cot is lightweight and portable, and can be used as a travel cot or playpen around the house (or maybe even the beach!). The base is movable meaning there are two positions for toddlers and newborns – newborns being higher up, saving mum’s back as she bends down, and toddlers being closer to the floor and less likely to climb out. The SpaceCot also comes with a hypoallergenic matress which can be assembled at either height.


The Spacecot is part of the here) and I was super impressed. I haven’t yet tried any of their other products but I have had a good look through their brochure and there are loads of items that I like the look of! So basically, this company ranks pretty highly with me so far! So, with high expectations I was very excited when the Spacecot arrived last week! Here is my summary of how the Spacecot fits the bill for travelling families…  


I have recently learnt (since becoming a mum and planning our travlels with baby in tow), that some travel cots can be a real pain. Bulky, heavy, and impossible to fold unless you have a physics degree. But this absolutely does not apply to the SpaceCot. When the SpaceCot arrived, I was shocked by the size of the box that it came in. It wasn't that heavy, and in fact, it only weighs 6kg. The folded outside dimensions are : H810 x L580 x W140 mm 
and the outside dimensions unfolded are: H810 x L970 x W580 mm. the mattress is 950 x 500 x 40 mm.

It isn’t bulky and could easily be put at the side of a bed in a spare bedroom or hotel room without having to move furniture around or use up all the floor space, which is definitely a plus point- the last thing I want to do after a long day on the road is to have to start rearranging furniture!

Suitability for younger babies

The cot comes in two levels, giving it a level of versatility not offered by other travel cot manufacturers. The base mattress comes off and can go onto the detachable level which is suitable for 0-6 months old, offering a type of crib. For me, this was particularly appealing as I hated the thought of Isla being so close to the floor when she is so small, especially when we are staying in the Costa Rican jungle where they have the largest spiders in the world-eeeek!

The mattress is a cushioned material which makes it comfortable for baby, not like many other travel cot mattresses. It also doesn’t need inflating or anything like that so there is no faffing about-baby can be put straight to bed when needed! baby Isla loves her Sleepyhead so I will be using this with the travel cot an it is a perfect fir-another big plus point! The lower level base is suitable up to 30 months and offers a bit more space for when baby is a bigger.

Spacecot on the road

The SpaceCot is super light and portable that you can use it in several different ways. You can use as a cot or playpen in the lounge or garden if you are at home and you can use it as a crib or cot when travelling. I am also planning to test it out on the beach while in Costa Rica! I will be taking it to nanny’s house in Cambridgeshire next week when she babysits and then to Spain to visit grandad at the beginning of June.


It folds up nicely into a relatively flat, rectangular shape so that it can easily be put into the boot of the car or checked in as luggage for the flight. I’m not normally one to take extra luggage but given the convenience and comfort of the travel cot, I think it’s worth that little extra effort! Also included is a good quality travel bag to keep the travel cot clean when checked in at the airport and to make it easy for you to carry. I like that it has mesh sides which allows air to circulate. This will help to keep temperatures stable when we are in Spain and Costa Rica this summer.

The only thing that I feel this cot is missing is a cover net to protect from insects. I have one that came as part of my Phil and Teds travel cot so I am planning to see if this will fit, or alternatively I will have a look for one on Amazon.


I was dubious about the claims at first – this is billed as the lightest full sized travel cot on the market, and one that can be opened and closed in 3 seconds. SpaceCot is designed to literally ‘pop’ open with little to no effort on your part. I was really pleased that opening the SpaceCot really is as simple as it says – you just remove it from the travel bag, pull the two sides upwards and everything locks into place. It can be stored with the mattress and crib attached, so as soon as you open it out it’s ready to use– SpaceCot lives up to its claims! You simply press the red safety locks on the sides of the cot to release, and then push the 2 cot ends together. And that’s it. It folds flat within seconds, stays closed, and slides back into the travel bag with ease. For me, this was the biggest plus point. We move around a lot on our travels, typically spending only a couple of nights in each destination, so for me it is really important that we can assemble the baby’s bed quickly, particularly when she is tired and grumpy!


The Spacecot retails at £140 and you can read more about the product on their website here. You can also buy it on Amazon. I think that this is a reasonable price and whilst there are cheaper cots on the market, I wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality and convenience that the Spacecot offers. I would be happy to part with my hard-earned cash for this cot- I give it a 5 star recommendation!


The Verdict

Judging my this smile, I'd say it's a winner all round! 

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  2. […] blanket just in case we need it. If you do prefer to use a cot, however, I would recommend the Spacecot for ease and the Phil and Ted Traveller for […]

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