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April 15, 2017

Koo-di Travel Cot Review

This week I was given the opportunity to test out the Koo-di travel cot. There are a lot of different travel cots on the market, but most of them seem far too big for my tiny baby Isla! She sleeps in her Sleepyhead bed at home (you can read my 5* review of the Sleepyhead here), which makes her feel nice and snug so I couldn’t help but feel that most travel cots are unnecessarily large and might feel a bit intimidating, open and empty for her! I liked the Koo-di travel cot because it was small and compact- the perfect size for my little travel baby!

Having said that the travel crib is small, it was actually really spacious inside, with more than enough room for my 6 week old baby. Whilst this crib obviously won’t last forever, I’m confident that it will see us through our travels for the first 6 months of her life. The crib measures L100 x W60 x H69cm when assembled. I also really like that the crib has a mosquito net. This July we will be travelling around Costa Rica. We are staying in Air B n B apartments, many of which are in jungle locations and don’t always have air conditioning… so the threat of mosquitos is real! This crib gives me piece of mind that my baby won’t be bitten to smithereens while we sleep!

The travel crib is also super convenient to carry around. There are so many baby items on the market that market themselves as ‘travel friendly’, but in reality they are heavy and bulky and if you were to take them all with you on your trips you’d need a small van to transport them all! The koo-di, however, is true to its’ word- it really is lightweight, compact and easily transportable. It comes with a neat little travel bag, which unlike many items I’ve experienced in the past, can be easily packed and unpacked without having to struggle to make everything fit!

Lastly, the travel crib is easily assembled in a couple of minutes- perfect for those late nights or when you want to put baby down asap! There are a couple of rods to slot in but it’s super easy and fast to do. You then attach the body to the top of the crib with the small fastenings and you’re all set. It’s not quite as easy as ‘popping up’, but it is simpler than other travel cots I have experienced and is super easy to do.

All in all, I think the Koo-di travel crib is a great product and it comes at an excellent price of only  £33.99. You can also buy additional accessories including an inflatable mattress which I am considering ordering also. You can buy this travel cot on Amazon or on the Koo-di website.


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