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July 17, 2017

Pumpables Milk Genie Review

Last week I was contacted to ask if I would like to review the Pumpables Milk Genie. It was as if they knew the dramas I had experienced when I left my only pump at home and had to rush to Argos before it closed to my a manual pump. It’s as if they knew that when I took this manual pump on my flight to Thailand sans baby I left an integral part sitting on the dish drainer in my kitchen. It’s as if they knew of my hand-pumping dramas mid-night flight which resulted in milk all over me, my blanket, the seat in front and the aircraft window. This time last year I didn’t even know what a breast pump looked like, now I have enough storied about milky boobs to fill an entire evening. So would I like to review the Milk Genie? Hell yes, it’s not as if I’m not qualified enough in this department!

To start, I’ve found my OMANI and Lansinoh pumps to be really noisy (despite being advertised as ‘quiet’). The Pumpables Milk Genie was a success in this area as it actually is pretty quiet. This would have been welcomed on my recent trip to Thailand when I was sat in the back of the minibus pumping under a shawl and praying nobody would question what I was doing when they heard the rhythmic pumping sound! It’s also portable with an inbuilt rechargeable battery which lasts 3 hours, again this is super convenient when travelling! 

I’ve never owned double pump before so this was a new experience for me. Double pumping definitely allows you to save time and with me going back to work soon (and hoping to continue to breast feed) quick release of my milk will be welcomed I’m sure! There is also the ability to save a pump program to memory so that you can get going quicker each time. There are a range of settings to suit different body types as well as a range of flange sizes- not something that comes with most pumps! Furthermore, the backflow protector stops milk getting into the pump which is really important for any breast pump, keeping it hygienic and safe for your little one.

The pump retails at £108 on their website which is really competitive for a double electric pump. In my opinion this pump is well worth the money and is a bargain for the quality that it offers!  

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hooray! So glad you got to test it out! I use a Milk Genie too, and my favourite thing about it is how quiet it is – much quieter than the Medela Freestyle I used to use, which sounded like it was moo-ing at me!

  2. Claire Bear says:

    Sounds amazing! Which shield size did you find worked for you?

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