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April 27, 2017

Travelling and Pumping: OMANI Breast Pump Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Chinese company that I had never heard of asking if I would like to review their breast pump. Whilst I have been getting on quite well with my Lansinoh single electric breast pump (you can read my review here), I was intrigued by this product because it was so small and portable which is just what I want when travelling! The OMANI breast pump is a petite hand help pump with two modes and six suction levels. The strength of the suction is within a safe and scientific pressure range. There are no cables or tubes and it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery so you can move about and you’re not tied to one position whilst pumping.

I was particularly impressed with the portability of this pump. I was pleasantly surprised by how small it is, yet it still allows me to express the same amount of milk as my Lansinoh pump. I also feel so much less restricted when using it as there are no cables etc. Whilst the Lansinoh promotes itself as being portable if you use batteries instead if plugging it in to the mains, it still has tubes etc that I find really restrictive, the OMANI pump is great as it doesn’t have any of this!

What makes the OMANI pump unique is that it charges via a USB cable so there is no need to connect to a power socket or use batteries-bonus! The first thing that came to mind when I realised this was ‘result- I can charge the pump during the flight to Thailand (when I will be away from my daughter)!’. Whilst the re-chargeable element is a positive in my eyes, I would prefer it if there was a plug rather than just a USB. I ended up having to use the plug for my iphone charger which, whilst this wasn’t the end of the world, wasn’t totally convenient.

Going back to my forthcoming flight, one of my main worries about having to express whilst flying is the noise, I’ve even considered buying a manual pump for this reason! So when I saw that OMANI advertise their pump as being ‘silent’, I was particularly excited. This was, however, rather short-lived as I soon found that this was not true. The pump is actually quite loud, just as loud as Lansinoh pump, so it looks like I might be purchasing that manual pump after all!

The Omani Tronkon is a closed system meaning that the barrier between the milk collection kit and the pump mechanism keeps every drop of your expressed milk away from the pump’s motor. This prevents any contamination of mould, bacteria and viruses whereas an open system pump has no barrier. It has a host of health and safety certificates, and it’s been approved by the FDA. It’s BPA free and made from food grade silicone so these are all plus points for this breast pump! Reading all of this information, along with the instructions, is however a little bit of a challenge as the Chinese to English translation is not very good and can difficult to understand (although being the frequent traveller that I am this wasn’t too difficult for me)!

I love the convenience of this breast pump and another pro is the price. Most electric breast pumps are pretty expensive, but this product retails at just £39.99 on Amazon. This makes it a super affordable option. I do think, however, that the lower price is reflected in the quality as the bottle and parts feel a bit cheaper than the Lansinoh equivalent. For this reason I will be sticking with my Lansinoh breast pump at home, but I will definitely be taking my OMANI when I’m out and about on my travels. I also think it would be great for the working mum (I’ll test this out in a few months on my return to work) who wants a convenient and small pump and an added bonus is that you can use the USB cable to charge it on your computer at work too!

All in all I would most certainly recommend this pump for use while travelling or working. It’s competitively priced and convenient. You can buy this breast pump on Amazon.


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