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March 30, 2017

Expressing on the Road: Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump Review

I wanted to give my baby the best start in life so there was no doubt in my mind that I would try my best to breastfeed my baby (although I know it doesn’t work out for all mums). This was particularly important to me when travelling. Baby Isla is so tiny and the world is full of so many horrible germs and whilst I am absolutely not going to give up travelling to far away and exotic destinations in fear of getting ill, it’s only natural that I worry about my baby’s health. A little bit of pre-baby research (thank Goodness for Netmums!) and I soon found out that the best way to keep my baby healthy is to share my immunity (for what it’s worth-I seem to catch everything going!) with her by breastfeeding.

But lets face it, it’s not always appropriate or possible to whip your nipples out every couple of hours when baby is hungry! So I did a bit of research into breast pumps and quickly came across the Lansinoh single electric breast pump. Lansinoh is a brand I've only ever heard positive things about. The second I mentioned breastfeeding everyone raved about their Lanolin cream (which is also absolutely fantastic and saved me in those first few days!); so I knew the pump was going to be good.

For me, it was important that my breast pump was efficient, can be easily transported and that was not too bulky. When I was offered the opportunity to review the single electric pump therefore, I jumped at the chance! The pump is super simple to use; you simply pop it on, press a button and you're off! The pump is designed to imitate how a baby feeds, featuring two stages. The first is the ‘let down' stage which stimulates the milk flow, and then the second is the ‘expression' phase which is slower and deeper suction to maximise the milk flow. You can start the first phase at any time by pressing the droplet button, and the second has 6 adjustable suction levels by pressing the +/- buttons.

The pump can be either plugged into the mains (it's got a really long lead which is great), or used with batteries. This is perfect for travelling as it makes it easily transportable. Lansinoh also kindly gifted me a selection of bottles and storage containers which are really useful. The natural teats are great as they mimic the shape of the nipple and I can't recommend their breast pads highly enough either! My only concern is that the pump is rather noisy… I will be leaving baby at home in a few weeks’ time to travel to Thailand for a conference and I already feel nervous about needing to pump during the flight and other passengers being able to hear me! Another thing that would be useful would be if there was a transportable carry case for the pump as it does have quite a few small bits that I could get lost in your luggage!

Overall however, I am very pleased with this breast pump, it’s easy to use and allows me to express efficiently whether I’m at home or on the road. You can buy the pump on Amazon here



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  3. Laura says:

    hi love, I’ve got an electric (for home) and a manual (for on the road)-the hand pumps are really good too (I’ve got a tommy tippee one) it’s much quieter and does the job just as well and you can pick one up for about £20; just thought I’d share as might be a solution for on-flight pumping! Hope motherhood is treating you well and feeding is going well Xzxx

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