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March 31, 2017

Why you should visit the Singapore Zoo

This week I bring to you a guest post from Amila who describes her experiences at Singapore zoo and why it's great for families. Something else to add to the bucket-list once baby Isla is old enough! 

Why you should visit the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo, the beautiful natural and clean zoo I have ever seen! This is the reason for me to recommend the Singapore Zoo as a major attraction for any of my friends who visits Singapore. I’ve visited this Zoo few times and I still love to visit it again. I have many reasons to visit this zoo again and again and I guess visitors to Singapore will find the zoo as an interesting place too. Singapore Zoo is also perfect for families!

Here are some of my reasons why you should visit the Singapore Zoo during your visit here.


It is an open zoo

Singapore Zoo is not just another zoo where animals live in a cage just for the purpose of showing to the visitors. This zoo is popular as one of the most beautiful zoos where animals live freely in a natural and open space.

Lots of Viewing Galleries


Instead of just visiting the zoo from cage to cage, you will explore the zoo. With my experience, Singapore zoo is a perfect place to spend a day with kids and family members. The natural looking environment will make you relax and calm allowing you to experience the life of the different animal species. In each of our visit to the Singapore zoo, we enjoyed viewing the animals through viewing galleries. Experiences such as Polar bears and hippopotamus swimming under the water or watching the cheetah closely through the viewing gallery are priceless. These are really fascinating experiences to explore the zoo. Kids specially love such experiences.  

Beautiful views and landscapes

Well, this is my idea. Instead of just watching the animals in the zoo, I always admire the nature and beautiful landscapes around the zoo. The Singapore Zoo itself is a natural rainforest. You will see huge trees and greens everywhere. The river in one side of the zoo will make you relaxed with its best views. The footpaths, landscape arrangements will take you along the zoo without making you tired. It is absolutely beautiful and with lot of natural views!

It is a learning zoo

Instead of being a viewing zoo, Singapore zoo is a learning zoo which you can learn about different species and animals with interactive displays. There are programs which you can join during the Zoo visit. It is especially good for kids to learn more about animals and their behavior.

There are different activities


Well, you can enjoy your time among different activities. We always love to spend time watching different shows, feeding animals and taking photographs with animals. Other than that there is a kids’ area where you can visit with kids. The Rainforest Kidzworld is full of activities for kids including water playground. There are also farmyard animals in the same area making it fun for kids. Kids can touch and feel the farm animals or even they can feed some of those for scheduled times. It is entirely for kids to enjoy their visit to the Singapore zoo.

Animals are well kept

After all, you will not regret of watching animals that look tired or in malnutrition. They are well kept and well fed. They look beautiful, healthy and happy. So, you will be cheerful too.

We love all our Singapore Zoo visits and we’d love to visit it again. Our kid enjoys his zoo visit and he is always excited about his experiences. Therefore if you visit Singapore, don’t miss this beautiful attraction. It is one of the best places I’ve ever experienced in Singapore!

About the Author:

Amila Wickramarachchi is the blogger behind Leisure and Me where she shares her family travel experiences. She is a mom for a cute son and she resides in Singapore.

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