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March 6, 2017

5 Cities across Europe to visit in your lifetime

I love a good city, whether it be part of a city break or a larger trip. Europe is ideal for city trips due to the abundant of low cost flights available and proximity. I am particularly lucky that I can hop on a flight from one of London’s five airports and within a couple of hours be in almost any city in Europe. Here are some of my favourite city trips that I would recommend to you. Check out this itinerary for two weeks in Europe!


No ‘top Europe list’ is complete without Paris. It’s super easy to reach from London as you can take a flight, the train or you can drive. The Eiffel tower is simply magical and there are so many fantastic attractions to visit such as the Louvre museum and Notre Dame Cathedral.  Paris is also home to casinos. If you happen to spend 2 nights in this city make sure you visit a casino. Most gamblers make Paris their holiday destination because during the day you have other attractions to experience while you gamble at night.  

5 Cities across Europe to visit in your lifetime

Personally, I’ve visited Paris several times but I wouldn’t be averse to returning for another trip. In fact, I have a funny feeling that with my baby butterfly being due any day now there may be a trip to Disneyland Paris in the not too distant future!


Venice is another ‘European must’. I went to Venice for my birthday a few years ago and loved it. Who doesn’t love Italian food and wine followed by a merry trip along the canals in a gondola? There’s culture and lots of attractions to see but what I loved most about Venice was just walking through the streets and taking in the vibes of the city- a fantastic ambiance! Venice is a very romantic city as well to visit!


This one isn’t always featured on people’s bucket lists but it absolutely should be. The city has an exotic feel to it as it is so different from the UK, yet it’s only a 3-hour flight. The colourful buildings and often snowy backdrop makes for some spectacularly scenic pictures and you can immerse yourself in the local culture by sampling some of the Icelandic cuisine such as whale or puffin meat! What I loved most though was the dramatic landscape surrounding the city and the range of natural attractions that you can visit- give me geysers, waterfalls and the blue lagoon any day! You can read more about why I love Iceland in my recent post here.


Riga has increased in popularity in recent years but remains largely under-rated and under-visited. The city itself is a little bit run down in many places, but it has some fantastic history that you can learn about (although most of it is a little but sad!). I went to Riga just over a year ago for my hen do and it was perfect! There is excellent nightlife, some great restaurants and the biggest plus was that as a group of women we were outweighed by the number of men tenfold! We went quad biking, cocktail making and went to a spa. There is also tobogganing although unfortunately it was closed during our trip.

Looking for somewhere cheap to travel for a stag or hen do? I would definitely recommend Riga! Riga is also a great place for a city break or as part of a larger trip across Europe too because there are so many things to do in Riga


Prague is another picturesque city with lots to see and do. There is a great pub culture too so another good place if you’re in search of a hen/stag destination! Or alternatively, there is also lots to do here for families and I hope to explore Prague with the kids someday too!

I spent one day exploring the cobbled streets of the city before hopping on the train out to ‘the bone church’. This was definitely the highlight of my trip as I love anything that’s a bit unusual… and there’s nothing usual about a church covered in skeletons! 

If you are planning your first trip to Europe, check out this post for 100 things you should know before visiting Europe for the first time!

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