Travel Beauty Essentials
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April 22, 2022

Travel Beauty Essentials

You're packing up to go on a holiday, and in your mind, you're thinking of all the things that you'll need. You know what? You don't need any of them!

Instead of taking with you products that are essential for travel, let's take some items that actually make us look better. I'm talking about things like concealer and lip balm. These are all things that we use every day – but just not for their intended purposes. We use them to hide flaws and enhance natural beauty. Just think about the way it makes you feel when someone compliments your good looks! How much more fun would life be if everyone complimented you all the time?

When we pack our luggage we have to be careful not to overpack it or else it could get damaged in transit. By looking at this list, though, I think we can figure out what kinds of products we can safely bring along with us on holiday without sacrificing the quality of our trip.

Travel Beauty Essentials

Under-eye concealer.

The under-eye area is one of the first places that show fatigue,

so a good concealer can help you look more awake. A great product will blend seamlessly with your skin tone and work both to brighten it and cover up dark circles. A concealer can also be used to contour your nose, cheeks, and jawline. In addition, it's also useful to hide blemishes on other parts of your face or even create a natural look if you're going for a no-makeup makeup look.

Lip balm.

“Lip balm” is a term that we use to describe a variety of different products. You may have heard from your mother or grandmother that lip balm is the best protection for lips. It's true, you will be amazed at the difference using lip balm can make. Why? Lip balm contains oils and waxes which help to soften, lubricate and moisturize your lips right after applying. Moisturizers are especially important during the dry winter months when cold temperatures make your lips turn chapped. The skin around your lips lacks adequate moisture; therefore, your lips become irritated by dryness, which causes them to become itchy and flaky.

Alternative lip balm

Moisturizer:  Sweet Almond Oil removes dead cells on the surface of your lips while repairing damaged tissues underneath.

Make up remover wipes.

While you're traveling, whether it's for work or for pleasure, make sure to bring along some make up remover wipes. These will help keep your skin clean after a long day in the sun and from the dried up foundation stuck on your face. Make sure though that your wipes don't have any alcohol in them, as this can irritate your skin. It is also a good idea to get some fragrance in the wipes as they will help you feel refreshed at the end of a tiring day. I would recommend using Simple Skincare products as they are especially made to be gentle on sensitive skin.

Aloe vera.

A bottle of aloe vera gel can last a long time—and it's the perfect thing to have on hand while traveling. It has everything from soothing sunburns to treating dandruff, and you can even use it as an effective hair conditioner in a pinch. Here are some more ideas for how to incorporate this versatile remedy into your travel beauty routine:

  • Use it on dry skin or after shaving to prevent razor burn.
  • Add it to a foot soak for softer feet.
  • Treat acne by dabbing it on with a cotton ball before bed.
  • Soothe dry scalp and dandruff by massaging the gel into your roots before bed, then rinsing first thing in the morning.


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face. This helps to remove excess dirt and oil. Regular exfoliation can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts and dryness.

There are two types of exfoliators: physical (using a scrub or tool) or chemical (using acids like alpha hydroxy). I prefer using a gentle scrub once or twice a week in combination with my regular cleanser to keep my skin healthy.


The purpose of moisturiser is to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy. Moisturise with a good quality product and you'll notice that your skin feels softer, smoother, and younger looking. Moisturising is important to protect your skin from the elements such as wind, heat, cold and pollution.

How much product? It depends on how much you want to spend on moisturisers! A pea-sized amount should be enough for face and neck. For dry body areas like elbows, knees and hands use more!

Dry shampoo.

Travelers in the know should always have dry shampoo on hand. It's a powder that absorbs oil and grease in the hair, so you don't need to use water to wash it out. On day two or three of your trip, when some people are stressing over the greasiness and limpness building up around their roots, you just pass through security with your head held high. When it's time to freshen up your locks, simply lift sections of your hair and spray some of this magical product at the roots. You can then massage it into your scalp and style as usual—and be sure to put it back into its container when you’re done!


Sunscreen and sun protection products—from the simple sunscreen to the complex, multi-purpose sunscreen with built-in SPF—are essential for anyone heading outdoors. When the sun and the warmth of summer are at their peak, a little bit of sunscreen goes a long way. However, some people prefer to skip this step altogether, relying on their regular moisturizer or foundation instead. These steps should be avoided by anyone who intends to go out into direct sunlight; they're not necessary every day.

The term SPF stands for sun protection factor, which refers to how well a product protects skin from burning or tanning when exposed to UV rays. While there are many products that only offer an SPF rating (and are therefore not effective) there are also plenty of commercial brands that provide additional benefits beyond basic protection like antiaging features and wrinkle reduction. Whether you're looking for all-day coverage or just want something on your face for extra moisture when you step outside, there is something for everyone in our guide.

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