What to do in Goreme
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April 28, 2022

Goreme and surroundings – what to see?

Goreme is a place where you can feel the peace and quiet. There are no people here who try to impose their lifestyle on others, everyone will find something for themselves, but not too much, there is also no intrusive trade. You can feel for a moment like in our native suburbs. What to see in and around Goreme?

balloon ride in Goreme

How to get to Goreme? 

The easiest way to Goreme is to get to Kayseri airport. It is advisable to order a transfer from Kayseri airport to Goreme in advance – it will save us the stress of looking for a safe way to get to the place.

What to see in and around Goreme?

Cappadocia is a place of magical beauty where time has stopped for centuries. The markets are full of traders selling their wares, and tourists wander the streets taking photos before heading off to explore more ancient ruins.

Goreme Open Air Museum

This place is a hidden treasure for history lovers. There are many ancient churches, chapels, houses in the rocks and mountains! And all this costs only 15 Turkish liras. There are marked paths inside each temple so you can see frescoes preserved from ancient times.

Cappadocia is a land full of history, and walking past the rock-cut temples, it's easy to imagine what life might have been like for those who used them daily. You will come across places where fruits were pressed and even food supplies were stored in shelters made of rock!


It is worth spending a whole day to see another tourist attraction in Goreme – the valleys that stretch for miles. The Valley of Love, the Valley of Roses, and the Long Valley are just a few that will take your breath away as you traverse them. It's a good idea to start your tour early so that you have plenty of time before sunset. It's definitely a good idea to bring food with you and of course plenty of water if you're going to be walking all day. These valleys also protect you from the harsh sun and allow you to take a breather from the heat. 

Balloon flight

Cappadocia is famous for its balloon flights. It looks amazing and you have surely come across photos of this attraction more than once. If you are looking for a place to get away from everything, look no further. The landscape is adventure enough in itself, with balloons floating in the air before sunrise and fancy shaped rocks that are hard to imagine what they were created with.

Goreme and Cappadocia are great destinations to visit, especially for history buffs, but not only!

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