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June 5, 2020

What To Never Forget When Packing Your Suitcase

Packing for travel is something we can stress out over, quite a lot. We’re never too sure about what we need to pack, even when we’re an expert traveller, and sometimes this kind of pressure can cause us to forget all kinds of things. And when there are some items that need to be in your suitcase as soon as you plan to go off on an adventure, this could lead to a disaster! 

There are some things that simply cannot be left out of your suitcase when travelling, and it’s important to make sure they’re all packed up safe and secure before you reach the airport. And if you’re not sure what to pack to ensure you’re going through that gate feeling secure, and like you’re ready for anything a holiday can throw your way, make sure you keep the points below in mind.

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A Spare Pair

Your suitcase needs to have a few spares in it. A few spare plaster or bandages if you get cut whilst making your way through brambles in the woods. A spare pair of leggings, if your others get torn or if there’s a cold day and you want to double up under that skirt. 

And of course, you’re going to want to pack a spare pair or two of underwear. You can never be quite sure what you’re going to get up to when you’re in a foreign country, and it’s important to prepare for the potential worst!

Make sure you pack some durable pairs of undies, and plenty of thick socks – all that walking is going to rub your feet and probably give you a blister or two. You’re also going to need to pack them safely and securely in something like a laundry bag, so you can also keep your dirty pairs in a proper place without potentially contaminating the rest of your clothes! 

Make sure these items are in the suitcase first, so you can find the right room for them, and you can sleep soundly the night before you fly off knowing they’re there. 

Passport and Boarding Pass Copies, etc. 

You’re going to have a carry on with you when going through the airport, and being on the flight, and some very important travel admin items are going to be packed in this carry on. 

You’re going to have your passport in there, as well as your boarding pass for the plane to your destination (and if you’ve planned ahead, the plane back as well), and you’re going to have insurance items like a health card in there too. But before you pack all these up and make sure they’re secure, be sure to get another copy of them, and pack them up in your suitcase. 

You’re definitely going to want to have a passport copy in your suitcase; just simply put the passport through a photocopier and print it off, in full colour if you can. If the time comes when you lose your passport abroad, or it gets stolen, visiting the embassy will go a lot smoother. You’ll be able to get a temporary passport a lot quicker if you have a copy for them to work with, and you’ll be able to get home a lot faster too. You’ll also have a lot more information to work with, when you have to fill in detailed forms to apply for your new passport. 

Make a Note for Medical Items

Medical items need to be one of the first things in a suitcase (or a note of them, but more on that later). You can’t simply pick more of these specialised, often prescription based items up from the airport if you forget them, and if you do leave without them, you’ll have to come back or try to find an alternative source. Both of these methods are incredibly time consuming, and will definitely ruin your holiday before it starts. And in the case of the latter option, it can sometimes be awfully hard to try and communicate your medical needs in a foreign country, to a nurse or doctor who doesn’t know you. 

Of course, if your medical items are needed on a daily basis, or they need to be kept cool and/or refrigerated for as long as possible, you’re going to have to just make a note to remember them. You can do this on your phone, and set it as an alarm or a reminder, or you can simply write it out on a Post It note and then stick it to your front door! You won’t be able to simply

walk past this, completely forgetting about the note you’ve left for yourself, and Post Its are usually colourful enough to draw the eye (if you’re a particularly forgetful person!). 

And yes, some medical items are going to be easier to remember than others. Your glasses, for example, are going to be straight on your face as soon as you wake up, but will you remember to put your contact lenses in the bag as well? Don’t worry – you can learn more about trying to buy some alternative lenses if need be, so even if you leave them behind or lose them, you won’t be too worse off. 

Little Creature Comforts

And finally, if you know for a fact that your much loved creature comforts can’t be rebought at the airport, make sure you take them with you. For example, if you can only get that certain brand of lip balm from a very specific store in your home town, make sure you pack it! You know what’s good for your lips, and travelling can be very hard on the skin, so make sure it’s in your suitcase and ready and waiting for you to apply it. 

Packing a suitcase can be a rough ride. Will you get to the hotel and realise you’ve forgotten something? No more! Make a list, pack certain things straight away, and worry no more. 

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  3. Guy says:

    Super guide, we’re always forgetting essentials.

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