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September 2, 2018

Benefits Of Maintaining Good Health, Fitness and Mental Wellbeing

I used to hit the snooze button several times before dragging myself out of bed and hitting the gym, all the while feeling sorry for myself. That was until I came across an article that talked about chronic diseases are linked to lack of physical exercise. Now, I readily bounce out of bed, quickly get my running gear and jog down the road feeling like an achiever. But this did not happen in a single day; to be physically fit, it took me a lot of effort, determination and a change of diet. The beginning was, therefore, very difficult but I chose to focus on the benefits that came with maintaining good health and staying both physically and mentally fit. I also had to consult with several fitness experts who helped me formulate a strategy that ensures that the routine I take is of great benefit. Some of the benefits that gave me motivation are as follows.

Avoiding Diseases

From what I have experienced since I began keeping fit, I cannot underestimate the power of proper nutrition in keeping diseases at bay. Our bodies require us to consume an appropriate balance of minerals, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates as wells as fats on a daily basis. This is the only way the body can function optimally, ward off diseases and experience enhanced cognitive function. When our bodies are consistently deprived of a particular type of nutrient, they become susceptible to contracting diseases and begin manifesting unhealthy symptoms like muscle soreness, fatigue, and slow metabolism.

Having realized that, it only made sense to change my diet and thus I incorporated immunity vitamins and mineral supplements into my daily diet. I also find juice extracts from fruits and vegetables helpful as they contain the much-needed minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients that compliment my daily food intake to maintain a balanced diet. Also, I came across a blog called veranda interiors that had some great information about juicers, so I suggest paying them a visit would be a good idea since some machines can retain more nutrients ultimately benefiting towards health.

Also, along with the necessary supplements (you can see where to buy Total Restore here), I ensure to begin the day with a heavy breakfast. This prevents me from becoming overly hungry during the day thus I don’t get the urge to consume fast foods. Therefore, skipping breakfast is also not an option for me.

Keeping Fit and Burning Calories

Apart from eating right, I also exercise regularly to burn excess calories and maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercises go a long way in improving our cardiovascular health, increasing our energy levels and boosting the immune system of our bodies. To keep fit, I ensure that I get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise every week. Towards this end, I combine both cardio and aerobic exercise to burn excessive calories optimally. This helps to keep my blood pressure at a commendable rate and ultimately lessens my chances of suffering a heart attack.

Regular exercises also keep my blood sugar level in check and reduce the risk of suffering from metabolic issues such as Type 2 diabetes, HBP, high blood sugar, excess belly fat et al. If I have a busy schedule, I look for simpler ways of increasing my body’s activity throughout the day. For instance, I walk instead of driving, pace while making business deals on the phone or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Enhanced mental well-being is among the most rewarding results that I get from keeping fit through exercises and maintaining a healthy body. Whether it’s from the release of endorphins or the confidence that gained from standing straight, strong and having a good posture, exercising renders me less prone to stress. Regular exercise also helps my mind to relax, which enhances creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Such mental fitness comes in handy when I’m undertaking my daily chores. I also noted that mental wellbeing helps me sleep better thus I wake up feeling fresh and ready to undertake my daily routine. Having a good night’s sleep also increases my ability to consolidate the information I gather all day, which ultimately translates to improved memory and enhanced coordination.

Maintaining consistency when exercising coupled with adhering to proper nutrition implies that our overall health and quality of life is greatly improved. Nurturing my mental health has aided me to prevent and combat issues related to my mind like self-esteem and stress. Also, preserving healthy nutrition gives my body the ammunition needed to fight off diseases and regular exercises increase my metabolism rate. This ultimately translates to increased energy and enhanced physical performance. Apart from regimented exercise and nutrition, a good fitness plan also involves consulting fitness experts. These specialists essentially assist with formulating a suitable strategy for the different requirements of the body.

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  6. Do not abuse workout supplements though, it must always be paired with proper diet and exercise.

  7. Jhunelle J ♦ says:

    I keep telling myself these things in moments like now when I’m on a healthier lifestyle track…staying on it for more than a couple months is my issue. Sigh, pray for me lol.

  8. Agree with you here! I’m currently on the healthier lifestyle focus, discipline is my problem. I’ll stick to it for a month or 2 and then I feel accomplished and it’s back to square one 🙁 Pray for me lol

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