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August 28, 2018

Adventure Tips – How to Travel Lighter

Once upon a time, packing for a week of fun in the sun meant stuffing a carefully chosen selection of far too many outfits into a wardrobe-sized suitcase. Flip flops, twenty-six pairs of shorts, pirate costume, tuxedo, bunny slippers, it all went in. With a luggage allowance often in excess of 20 kilos, there was little incentive to travel light. However, the tide has turned…

How to Travel Light This Summer

With many major airlines now restricting free-of-charge hold luggage to long haul journeys, and with the spike in popularity of short haul flights to Europe, people are turning to carry-on hand luggage for all their luggage needs. This option is free and is typically measured in size or type of baggage, rather than weight. Let’s look at how you could get the most out of travelling light with some top travel tips.


Cut down on pens, paper, tablets, laptops, important documents and travel guides with a highly practical waterproof smartwatch. Reduce clutter in your luggage with apps designed to help the modern traveller to travel light while keeping access to information at their fingertips. Considering making the upgrade to a smartwatch? See here for more smartwatch info where you’ll discover just some of the ways in which smartwatches could help you to save both time and space on your trip.

Travel in Summer

Most people gravitate towards warmer travel, but this tip is nevertheless worth mentioning as a practical space saver. Avoid packing large coats, cumbersome all-weather footwear, and leave the layers at home by planning to visit during peak summer conditions.

Choose Darker Clothing

Clothing that doesn’t show those accidental spills, splashes and stains can be a tremendous space saver. Choose darker jeans and a choice of navy or black tops for a smart casual look that will suit in the day and the evening. Tan leather boots can also double as day/evening wear to complete the look.

Cable Ties and Elastic Bands

Create valuable extra space in your hand luggage through the smart use of cable ties and elastic bands. Perhaps avoid using the idea on shirts, but underwear, shorts, pyjamas, and even jeans can easily be rolled up and forced to take up less space by being tied in the middle and at the ends. Further avoid giving limited hand luggage space to bulkier items by choosing your travel outfit based on wearing thicker material garments for the journey.

And finally, a note on packing … OK, we can all pack a bag. But there’s a better way of doing it. Instead of placing your folded clothing into the carry-on luggage in the normal way (i.e. by laying the open bag on the floor and stacking the flat clothing one item at a time), consider this method. First, create a stack of your selected clothing. Next, stand your bag up on one end. Insert the stack of clothing in its upright stacked position. When the bag is laid flat, the edge of each piece of clothing is visible, meaning ease of selection and a more compact use of the available space.

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  1. Megan Jones says:

    These are some excellent suggestions. I routinely was “that girl” who took everything with her on vacation. But over time I’m trying to get better at it. The big thing for me was being willing to do a lot of trial and error…and yes that meant a lot of trial packing to see what would fit in my suitcase.

  2. When you travel lighter you not only save but its less stress because you don’t have to worry about your luggage.

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