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July 24, 2017

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss Review

So far I’ve been really pleased with the Swedish family company, BabyBjörn, especially after receiving my BabyBjorn One Outdoors Carrier which I absolutely adore. BabyBjorn has recently launched a new version of its beloved classic bouncer, originally produced back in 1961, so when I was given the opportunity to review it I jumped at the chance!

The new model was launched in February, after extensive research into the needs of modern families. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss was developed in close collaboration with paediatricians, with a unique ergonomic shape that gives your child’s head and back the correct support. Suitable from newborn, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss may be used as a bouncer from 8lb until your baby can sit up unaided. When your child can sit on their own, the bouncer converts to a comfy chair and can be used till 29lb (approximately 2 years of age).

Crucial to all bouncers are the proper levels of support to a little one’s back, neck and head and these are all present and correct the Bliss. My baby Isla is now four months and she loved the bouncer, she looked super comfy and supported the entire time. Although she is pretty good with head control these days, the seat would have supported her perfectly should this have been needed, meaning that it is suitable whether baby is a few months old or a newborn.

The bouncer has 3 incline positions – Play, Rest and Sleep, as well as Transportation mode, where the chair can lie flat to store away or take in your car. You can change between positions using the small clip under the bouncer, which clicks into each mode securely. Your baby can use their own feet movements to create a natural and smooth bounce. I tested Isla in each of these positions and needless to say each was a success with playing, resting and sleeping taking place as appropriate- ta da!

Many people also believe that battery-powered bouncers which rock artificially can mean your baby develops a dependency on movement for sleep; happily the Bouncer Bliss avoids this problem. Its natural rocking is completely powered by the baby, which also means no batteries or cords are required. It also encourages babies’ aerobic motion, as he rocks in response to his own movements. Baby Isla is able to rock herself and sits there giggling happily to herself, which gives me a break and also puts a smile on my face (I just can’t resist that cute little giggle!).

It’s a great looking addition to any room (and available in three different colours). The Bliss also folds up flat for easy storage and transportation. I have already taken the bouncer with me to nanny’s house it is slotted in the boot easily which is super convenient.

The BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss retails at £144.99, which in my opinion is the only downside as there are cheaper bouncer chairs on the market. However, BabyBjorn items are excellent quality and are super durable so I wouldn’t hesitate to spend a few extra Pounds on this item, knowing the level of research that has gone into making it so well designed! You can buy it on their website or on Amazon.


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