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August 3, 2017

Holiday Packing List for When Staying in A Villa

You are all set for your next vacation to Greece – you’ve booked your flight, made all the reservations, noted down the top tourist destinations in the vicinity, booked a luxurious villa for your accommodation, but now it just boils down to the most daunting task – the packing.

Inevitably, packing is the most dreaded task for all travellers. Most of the time, people tend to carry things which they don’t necessarily require. If you are planning to stay at a villa in Greece, your holiday essentials will vary considerably. What you will need to take will primarily depend on the type of villa you’re staying in. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Mykonos and want to pack as little as possible, you may want to choose a luxury villa company such as the Blue Villas Mykonos Collection who offer extra services such as the changing of linen/towels so you won’t have to take your own. Make your choice of villa carefully and consider what will be included.

Technically, the essentials you carry whilst staying at a hotel are different from a villa. To make it easier for you, here is a list of travel essentials for staying in a villa during your next vacation.

  • Take Less Clothing

If you are staying in a villa, you will have access to many luxurious features that wouldn’t be available to you if you were to stay in a hotel. Most villas in Greece feature barbeque areas and an indoor pool to lounge in whilst enjoying time spent with friends and family. You can organise a barbeque or chill in the pool without having to go outside to pass the time, which could potentially mean you won’t need to bring many extra outfits with you.

Most travellers tend to require a lot of clothes which can be a menace. However, with fewer clothes, your luggage will weigh less and packing will become a lot easier.

Before heading for your trip, make sure to check the local weather forecast. It is always better to plan your stay so that you know exactly what you want to do and how you want to spend your day. This will help you in choosing the clothes you’d actually wear instead of just piling everything from your wardrobe into your suitcase.

If you are heading to an island in Greece, choose appropriate fabrics. If you plan to wear dresses, opt for cotton instead of polyester to beat the heat. For women, wearing kaftans and kimonos will really complete your beach look. Take a pair of denims and shorts and you can always switch between the two, since trousers and jeans are heavier and consume more space, ideally a pair or two should be enough for a 7 days trip.

Make sure to carry comfortable pyjamas and clothes. You wouldn’t want to be wearing any uncomfortable clothes during your trip. As bikinis are extremely lightweight, I would advise you to take a few so you can alternate between them.  

Before packing your clothes, just keep in mind your plans and pack accordingly. Also, if you go short on clothes, you can always buy a few essentials from the local markets in Greece.

  • Makeup

Many travellers tend to carry a lot of makeup with them which they won’t actually need. If you are staying at a villa, it is likely that you will spend a great amount of time there, so hoarding makeup in your luggage will just consume extra space. Ideally, you should only carry daily essentials and a few travel friendly items that you may need for an evening look.

Ideally your makeup bag should comprise of a concealer, highlighter, sunscreen and waterproof mascara for a casual look. Also, carry your perfume in a travel sized atomiser to avoid inconvenience.


  • Portable Speakers

While they may not seem a necessity, having portable speakers is a must. Most villas don’t have speakers, so despite having ample space, you will not be able to party or relax with good music. Imagine a poolside party at your villa; wouldn’t it be incomplete without a good portable stereo system?

  • Card Deck

On one of the nights at the villa, you may want to have a calm night with your loved ones. Therefore, having a deck of cards is ideal for spending a lazy day indoors. Even during a vacation, we spend most of our time on our phones. However, with cards, the entire group can get involved and make the most of each other’s company.

  • Accessories

While vacationing in Greece, having sunglasses with a good UV filter will give you a modern look and save you from the harmful sunrays. We suggest you carry a cheap pair, so that you won’t feel bad if they get lost.

  • Inflatables

An indoor pool is incomplete without inflatable beach balls, tubes and other similar items. You can make your pool sessions super fun by having such toys at your disposal. Furthermore, they also don’t consume much space, making them a travel essential for your next trip to Greece, however these can also be bought at local stores near your villa if you would prefer to buy them once you are out there.

  • Toiletries

Some villas might not offer essential toiletries. To avoid any inconvenience, it is advised that you carry your own sanitary pads, razors, towels, wipes, shaving kit, etc. Having your own toiletries will minimise your chances of exposure to unhygienic or contaminated items.

If you’re next holiday is to a villa in Greece, consider the above packing advice to ensure you don’t forget anything or take anything that you’re not going to need.

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