Travel Influencers to Follow in 2018

A travel influencer can be described as a person who has the ability to influence the behaviour or opinions of others within the area of travel and tourism. Influencing is a popular and powerful method of marketing, whether this be intentional (i.e. through the use of sponsored posts or adverts) or unintentional (through an influencer simply discussing their experiences without an incentives from stakeholders).
To my surprise, there is currently very little known about these influencers- Who are they? Why do they ‘influence’? What are their demographics? What about remuneration? Whilst this information is surely extremely valuable to companies wishing to employ the use of influencers, there is currently a dearth of information in this domain.
SO I decided to investigate this myself! I will publish the findings once they are ready on the blog but for now I provide a list of super helpful influencers who were kind enough to contribute to my research (note-not all respondents requested to be included in the post).

Travel Influencers of 2018