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September 25, 2018

How to Set up a Home Office for a Professional Influencer

More and more people nowadays are becoming ‘influencers’. Whilst many people might think that this involves simply updating various social media channels and regular intervals, it is in reality far more than that. In fact, being a social media influencer, for many people, is a full-time job that typically requires a lot of desk work. Therefore, it is important when working as an influencer that you have an appropriate work space which encourages productivity and efficiency. Here are my tips on creating a home office that is most conducive to a successful working environment.

How to Set up a Home Office for a Professional Influencer

Invest in a good desk and chair

As an influencer you are likely to spend a fair amount of time sat at your desk. In the formal workplaceFurniture at Work and things such as filing cabinets are seen as a priority, but many people take this for granted when working in a home office. Since injuring my coccyx during childbirth, I have come to realise the importance of a good chair and what difference this can make to your health and also to your productivity! You also want to make sure that your desk is large enough to enable you to spread out when you need to. In my home office I often have papers on the floor because there isn’t enough space on my desk- I wish I had thought of this sooner!

influencer home office

Eliminate disturbances

It is so easy to get distracted, especially when you’re managing multiple social media channels, e-mails, phone calls and texts all at the same time. Whilst it’s fine to spend some of your time working whilst in front of the TV (some of my best statuses are inspired by what I see on the big screen!), if you are working on something important it’s best not to be disturbed.

I recommend that this is a child-free room, seriously- my daughter is the biggest distraction there could be, so keep toys out and maybe even put a lock on the door. It is also best not to have any TV in the room. For me, my best quality writing comes when I work in silence, but I know some people work better with a little music playing in the background. Find what works for you best and stick to it. One of my biggest problems is my phone, if I hear the tone of an incoming message I struggle to concentrate until I’ve read it. If this is you then it might be best to leave the phone out of the room too- a necessary sacrifice in my case.

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Organise your space

There’s nothing worse than being unorganised. Lost papers can take time to find and the same can be said for files on your computer. I recommend that you organise your office space so that everything is accessible. In my office I have a draw with all of my electronic gadgets such as USBsand various cables and another with stationary. All of my books are on the shelves next to my desk. I have recently invested in i cloud storage to make moving between my laptop and my desktop easier too, this saves precious time spent moving files around!

Invest in good hardware/software

For years I worked with a laptop which was slow and had numerous problems. I’d waste hours of my week waiting for updates and trying to recover work that had been lost during a crash. As an influencer you are almost certainly working with various e-technologies and programmes and if your computer isn’t up to scratch this can be problematic. Personally, I love my Mac. I have a little Mac Airthat is super lightweight and convenient for travelling (pretty important as a travel influencer, huh?). I also have an iMac.

Whilst my laptop works perfectly, after only five years it struggles in terms of memory. Apps and operating systems have become far larger and will only continue to do so in the past. I was trying to save money at the time but I have learnt my lesson. We bought our iMac last year and personalised it to meet the requirements that we wanted, this has given us loads of memory so that it lasts a bit longer than five years! My advice is to think ahead when you buy your office equipment.

influencer home office

Image source: Unsplash

Make it look pretty

This is something that I have come across most recently. I have recently started building up my YouTube channel and developed my Online Diploma in Becoming Cabin Crew. Upon doing this, however, I realised that when making videos everybody could see my home office… and it was a mess! I had to move some furniture out of view of the camera and it was all a little bit inconvenient. If you plan to make videos/photos etc in your office then this is something that you will need to consider. You could also try out green screen effects, which is something I plan to experiment with in the coming weeks!

So, these are my top five tops for setting up a home office for a professional influencer. Do you have any advice? Please leave your comments below!

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  2. Zoe Campos says:

    Thanks for telling me that I should organize my workstation first before I start working to achieve higher productivity. I’m thinking of working from home so I can use my free time to earn while on quarantine. I’ll try to shop around for good office furniture that I can use before looking for possible clients.

  3. Sam says:

    A good office chair will have you relaxed while you are working, maximizes productivity also improves our mood!

  4. […] way that we work. We no longer need to spend hours commuting to the office or hundreds of Pounds on office furniture. We can work from the comfort of our own home and be there to cook the kids’ dinner when they get […]

  5. Jason says:

    Investing in good hardware and software is definitely the way to go! It’s all about the long-term benefits of productivity. Awesome tips, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. Ranch Office says:

    Hello, these are great tips and ideas! Thank you for sharing this informative and amazing article! Keep it up!

  7. Making it look pretty is crucial! This is what makes you productive.

  8. Hello,
    This is the perfect discussion to increase the office beauty and decor it with necessary furniture. I am so impressed to show your explanation. please keep it up and share more.

  9. I never think about Set up a Home Office for a Professional Influence. But I now think about that. Thank you, very post.

  10. […] You might also be interested in my post- ‘How to Set up a Home Office for a Professional Influencer’. […]

  11. Cool! I never thought that getting a mesh office chair can help keep a person seated comfortably while creating a statement in the office. Asides from the chair, I thought about getting a workstation for my cousin from a supplier. Doing this will help her focus while she does game streams every day.

  12. […] way that we work. We no longer need to spend hours commuting to the office or hundreds of Pounds on office furniture. We can work from the comfort of our own home and be there to cook the kids’ dinner when they get […]

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