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April 8, 2012

Would you like fries with that beating snake’s heart?!

For me, a huge part of travelling is trying the local food, however this meal really was beyond me.

Whilst in Hanoi, Vietnam, I had the option to go to the ‘snake restaurant’. Being the slightly reserved person that I am when it comes to food, I opted against, although I was informed in detail of the antics that went down here.

The Hanoi backpackers hostel is a very lively hostel, filled with party goers and adventurous backpackers, so it was no surprise that many of them were very keen to visit the snake restaurant. Once a week the hostel would put on a trip to the restaurant (located somewhere in the city although I’m not sure exactly where) where people would have the option to hold, and then eat the snakes.

Whilst there you would hold the snakes and have your picture taken. They would then take the snake away, kill it, remove its heart and bring it to you to eat. You would then eat the heart immediately so that you could feel it’s last bit of warmth and its last few beats before chewing and swallowing. This would then be followed by a main course, within which the core ingredient would again be snake meat.

To me, this sounded simply horrific, but to many this was an exciting adventure ready to be endured.

It was no surprise that there were more male takers than female, however it was certainly a popular evening out. Perhaps now I am a little more adventurous with food if I visit again I will check it out-what the hell- you only live once! And I may even go all out  and order a side of fries too…!

Clearly not only tested out on backpackers…!

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  2. johnsonpaul says:

    Hey, thanks!Good point! Sometimes I got to learn to let the pictures speak the thousand words that are known for. 🙂 I agree.

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