Top Ten Accessories For Your Pushchair Baby parasols
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November 11, 2020

Top Ten Accessories For Your Pushchair Baby parasols

So you have found the perfect pushchair for your little one, but what else do you need to make your outings go more smoothly. We have gathered some top accessories that we think every pushchair needs.

1 Rain Cover

In Britain, it is inevitable that it will rain especially throughout the Autumn and Winter months. That is why a rain cover is top of our list. You don't want your little one getting wet and cold so having a rain cover installed on your pushchair can come in very handy when you're not expecting rain.

2 Parasol

Baby parasols a great for protecting your bundle of joy for UV rays. Find one that easily attaches to your pushchair.

3 Changing Bag

When heading out, you will always have your changing bag with you. Finding one that straps easily to your pushchair will be a fresh of breath air, rather than lugging it around on your shoulder.

4 Buggy Board

This is a great addition to your pushchair if you have a baby and a toddler. Toddlers never want to sit in their pushchair once they have sound there feet, so instead of pushing around a double pushchair, attach a buggy board to the back and let them have fun riding along.

5 Footmuff

Blankets can often get lost or muddy from dragging on the ground. So investing in a footmuff to keep your baby warm is a great addition to any pushchair.

6 Buggy Clips

We are always finding our self-attaching and hanging bits and bobs off out pushchairs. This is when buggy clips can come in handy, make sure you opt for heavy-duty ones as you don't want your shopping going all over the floor.

7 Organiser

Great to have if you are going for a quick walk or popping to the shops. The organiser can double as a small changing bag that you can pop in a few nappies, wipes and snacks. They usually come with a cup holder too, so easy access for when your baby needs it. 

8 Hanging Toys

Keep your children entertained with some hanging toys – Freddie the firefly is my personal favourite. Babys love looking at colours and moving objects, so to stop them fussing on your walk, attaching some toys can make all the difference.

9 Hand Muff

This one is for the mums and dads. As we approach winter the weather is getting colder, do having a hand muff attached to the handle of your pushchair can keep your hands nice and warm.

10 Bumper Bar

Great for that extra added bit of safety, when your toddler is getting restless and keeps figuring out how to wriggle out of their buckles, these bumper bars can come in very handy. 

We hope we have helped you when deciding what accessories you should get for your pushchair. If you are feeling a bit anxious heading into our second national lockdown the check out 12 Ways To Cut The Stress And Anxiety From Your Life

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