Prancing In Prague: The 5 Best Things To Do
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November 14, 2020

Prancing In Prague: The 5 Best Things To Do

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. With 1.3 million people calling this city of magnificent architecture and style home, anyone who is from the outside and ventures in will find all that they see to be breath-taking. Quite clearly, it's the jewel of Eastern Europe. The amazing food, music and culture that this city has, isn’t matched anywhere else; at least for another 300 miles. Prague is also a shopping-fanatics dream, as the city that claims to be in touch with its traditional past, is also thoroughly modern and fully evolved to carry the torch of 2020 Czechs. But there are some things that you should try to do once before you return home.

Mint Market

One of the best things about this city is, it's incredibly youthful. The amount of young and brash entrepreneurs in the city is why it's popularity continues to grow faster than last year. The Mint Market is where indie fashion designers go to sell their products, as well as all sorts of perfumes, artwork, shoes, and jewellery. You can also go to the numerous events that are going on, such as comedy festivals, street food stalls, cultural awareness programs and political movements that are interesting and important for the youth of the country. If you love to be in among the coolest and most trendy people in Prague, this is where you should go for the weekend.

Going to Pragtique

We learned our lesson going to Pragtique, that you should go to a luggage storage service before you go shopping. This way you can store your suitcases in a secure place and not have to worry about your belongings being lost or robbed, as you grow your collection of souvenirs! This little store was amazing, as you can find some cool tote bags, some very old Russian dolls, porcelain mugs, handmade magnets, posters and some designer t-shirts. Everything you know and love about Prague, is captured in this one store. It's Boutique by nature, but it's so broad in the products it offers that you can find something you would like in just a few minutes of browsing.

Fashion Arena

No questions asked, hands down, this is the best place for those of you that love fashion. With over 200 international and local brands to choose from, this event is where you go to find some of the latest designer clothing in the world. It's common for Hollywood stars to wear the newest clothes coming out of Prague because it's pretty much the fashion capital of Eastern Europe. All the top brands are here, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Nike, and Armani. But there are local fashion labels that deserve to be explored too. Prague fashion is all about street style done in a minimalist way. Rather than the accessories in streetwear that you see in places like London, France and New York, in Prague is all about keeping a low profile but making street clothing more comfortable. It is also less slim-fitting, it hangs more and is more subtle than some other variations of street style.

Artel Glass

As you would expect from a city that is mainly populated by the younger generations of Czech people, it is also full of art galleries and local artists showing off their work. Everything from sculptures to paintings, this is a hub for local craftsmen as they create artwork from clay, ceramic, metal, wood and plastic, using their skills and talents. It's by far the best place to go if you want to know what is going on in the local arts and crafts movements. This is also a place to go if you love glass souvenirs. They make bottles, shot glasses, coffee cups and candle glasses all by hand. Of course, they are limited in series as every other month, a new local artist is given the chance to make a unique design and sell them through the online shop.


The Europeans were known for their beer and the Czech are no different. Beergeek is a great little beer enthusiasts place, where many rare ales and beers are sold. Many of them are boutique and craft beers, but many of them are really rare brews from large brands that were only given a limited run. 

So if you love shopping and love to mix with the cool and trendy, we highly recommend that Prague become your destination of choice whenever you get the chance to go on holiday.

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