taking product pictures when you travel
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March 15, 2022

Taking Product Photos When You Travel

Travel is so much fun. It’s nice to chill out, explore new places and eat all the good food! It can also be a great time for you to capture content for your brand, especially if you offer products. Pop a few items in your case ready to capture some photos when the time is right. These tips also work if you are working with a brand to feature on your blog or social media platforms. They will really make you stand out as a blogger who takes her collaborations seriously!

It takes a little bit of planning beforehand. Think about the items you sell on your site or the brand deals you have coming up and see which might be the most appropriate for the place you are visiting. You don’t want to take every item if you have a large range.  Pick out a few key items you will want to promote in the next few months. It depends on what products you sell to how many you take and if you can use them whilst your there. We recently took some t-shirts, vests and hats when we went to Mexico for a brand collaboration. This worked well because as well as taking photos we could also wear them during the trip.

Next, it’s good to get some ideas about the place you are visiting, especially if you haven’t been before. Use the geotag location on Instagram to search the posts other people are sharing. This might give you inspiration of a building you want to capture or the ultimate view where you can show off your product. Whilst in Mexico, we took advantage of the beach, the boardwalk and the colourful buildings to take some photos.

Using your room to take flat lay photos is also a good idea. Hotel rooms are often bright and airy with white bedding. When I was away I also used the pool for a few photos to make the products feel like a holiday essential!

A final option is to look into hiring a professional photographer in the area you are staying. I recently saw somebody offering this on Air BnB Experiences and I am sure you can also use Google and Instagram to find an expert. The beauty of this is you will get better quality photos and also they will know the local area so will be able to take you to the best spots!

If you sell products your self, are working with a brand or want to capture general content which includes your favourite products take advantage of your time abroad. Of course, you want to spend most of your time enjoying your trip but a little bit of content creation is always fun!

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