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June 19, 2016

Mini Butterfly- Britain’s Next Top Cabin Crew!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Freya, an 11 year old future Cabin Crew member. She told me how much she had enjoyed reading my Cabin Crew posts and that she aspired to become Cabin Crew as soon as she is old enough. She asked if I could donate her some uniform (which unfortunately I couldn't- BA made me return it all when I left) and told me about her uniform collection and her website Cabin Crew Crazy. Whilst I do receive many e-mails from people who want to become Cabin Crew, Freya stood out as not only was she the youngest aspiring Crew member, but also one of the most dedicated (see her website for details)! 

Last week she sent me another e-mail to say that it was World Book day at school and they were asked to dress up as a book character, and that she had dressed up as me!!! I found this really flattering and so sweet that I wanted to share the picture with you- I certainly can see a resemblance! 

Cabin Crew child life as a butterfly

How fantastic does she look!? She most certainly won't have any problems with uniform standards when she does secure a job in the skies, which I have absolutely no doubt she that she will! Well done Freya, keep up the good work and I'll look forward to keeping up to date with your blog and future Cabin Crew career! 

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