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July 25, 2016

What to do in the 6 Week Summer Holiday: Pooh’s Corner

Pooh corner

We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.

So it’s officially the summer holidays. 6 weeks to occupy the children and a budget to keep to. No easy feat that is for sure. We automatically assume that in order to entertain our kids we must spend money…and lots of it; for example a ticket for Chessington World of Adventures currently costs £47.60 a ticket (July 2016) so times this per person and then add the cost of food, the cost to pay the non-inclusive game stalls and the cost of merchandise from the annoying gift shops that you have to walk through when exiting a ride. You are a looking at a very expensive day, and if it is busy on the day you go then the likelihood is that you won’t get to ride all the attractions you want to and you are likely to have a very stressful day. Not fun for anyone!

So let me suggest a purse-friendly alternative that will leave you and your children feeling happy and fulfilled (and exhausted!). Get yourself to Hartfield in East Sussex and have yourself some good old fashioned fun with the children at Pooh Corner. Pooh Corner is a small 300 year old country shop in the idyllic village of Hartfield filled with ‘Pooh-phernalia’ and also plays host to ‘Piglit’s Tearoom’ a gorgeous old-world tearoom with extremely reasonably priced food that comes in very large portions.

Poohs corner map

The children will be delighted by the Winnie the Pooh shaped sandwiches and teddy bear crisps and for the adults I can personally recommend Piglit’s Cream Tea (which consists of a delicious fruit scone, cream tea and a large pot of tea for one). Another charming feature of Pooh Corner is the story corner, a cosy little snug where children can sit and little to an audio recording of their favourite Winnie the Pooh stories read by Dame Judy Dench and Stephen Fry.

What To Do In Thr 6 Week Summer Holiday: Pooh's Corner

Upon leaving the shop it is a must to grab a map and head up to ‘100 Acre Woods’ or Ashdown Forest as it is known and visit some of the ‘real’ places featured in AA Milnes timeless classics. On your leisurely walk through the woods you will come across ‘Roo’s Sandy Pit’ and ‘The Heffalump Trap’ as well as being able to explore the houses of Eeyore and Piglet. The piece de resistance of the woods is when you reach Poohstick Bridge and are able to participate in the legendary game that is Pooh Sticks. Such a simple concept that requires nothing more than collecting large sticks and throwing them into the stream to see how quickly it passes under the bridge and yet you can easily spend hours playing this quaint game.

Pooh's corner

I personally loved stripping back everything the children are used to, the fast paced world which is loud, fast and inundated with technology and having some good old-fashioned fun which required getting outside, partaking  in physical activity and employing our imaginations. The children were left content and exhausted from our day at the woods, meaning that they went to bed happily and mummy was left with happy children and change in her purse.  Everyone’s a winner.

Guest post written by new blogger Krystal Langmuir. Krystal is a mummy, wife, dog mumma, reader, blogger, novice crocheter, chef, baker, tea drinker and cake eater. For more from her visit or follow her on Facebook or Twitter- @theardentdot. 

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  1. lexandneek says:

    Adorable kids! What a wonderful place.

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