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September 1, 2022

Why Krakow in Poland is a Kracking Stag Do Destination

Krakow was once the capital of Poland, a centuries old city steeped in a rich tapestry of historical events. The main square called Rynek or Draper’s Square was once the final destination of the famous Silk Road from China, in medieval times Krakow’s Rynek acted as Europe’s silk trade centre along with the commodity of salt trading and today the internationally known Wieliczka Salt Mine a short distance from Krakow enjoys a million plus visitors every year. Although an ancient city Krakow is surprisingly modern with all the state of the art technology available from electric scooters to mobile telephone payments for public transport and other essential services.

In modern day Krakow the past is ever present and blends in uniquely to give Krakow a magical and enchanting feel as you walk the streets of the Old Town and Kazimierz the two main hotspot areas full of pubs, clubs and restaurants. Krakow’s nightlife over the past decade has increased in popularity and now challenges Prague’s reputation as a leading destination for visitors and Stag & Hen Dos in particular. Krakow had 14 million visitors in 2019 and the city has the means, facilities and services to cater for millions more in the years to come. Over a thousand venues in Krakow covering, themed pubs, Ruin Bars, beer gardens, cellar bars and even 1st floor bars along with trendy clubs, dedicated music preferences and international circuit DJs appearing at weekends. The choice of international cuisine from almost every part of the world available from street food to 5 star standard will amaze you and your taste buds. Some of the many reasons why Krakow is a kracking Stag Do city.

What’s on offer for a Stag Weekend In Krakow

A Stag Do in Krakow is an ideal winning choice and guarantees your group a very memorable few days with hordes of activities to experience, fantastic locally brewed beer and an extremely buzzing nightlife. One of the longest serving dedicated Krakow Stag & Hen companies based in the city is Party Krakow, who offer complete packages or individual activities to suit your needs. The recently added new terminal at Balice Airport ensures the city is easy to reach from any European country in a couple of hours or less. The activities can start from the moment you land by hiring a Party Bus or stretched limo to whisk you away to your accommodation and enjoy a drink on board while kicking off the weekend with the traditional strip show on board too. Poland does not have the Euro currency and you discover just how cheap everything is in comparison, a pint for example can cost as little as £1.80 and food prices for a slap up meal are really good value if you are prepared to search out the non-tourist venues away from the bars and restaurants lining the main square area. The two main areas to spend an evening out on the town are the Old Town or generally Market Square area and Kazimierz or Jewish Quarter, these zones are crammed full of venues, entertainment and as Krakow has a large student contingent, it is crammed full of young partygoers looking for an great night out let alone other Stag or Hen groups and locals or visitors. Another reason why Krakow is fast becoming the best destination for a Stag Party weekend. Organised Pub Crawls are a must to get a feel for the city’s vibrant nocturnal activity along with river boat parties on the Vistula River running through the city. They offer free booze and even club entry depending on whom you book with. In Pub entertainment is popular in Krakow and you can look forward to Karaoke, Axe-Throwing, Crazy Golf, Escape Rooms along with live bands and live sporting events, there are strip clubs too but beware of scams and inform yourself before going to any club you come across or street promoters offering all you can drink tickets.

Krakow in Daylight

There is so much to do in the daytime activity wise, take in the sights with a scenic river boat cruise with a spot of lunch which you partied on the night before or if you fancy a forest 4×4 offroad adventure Krakow has it and even quad bikes and when the snow comes the quad bike circuit becomes a snowmobiling run. Sticking with the driving theme the city has go-karts for you to test and challenge each other. All these activities create a lot of excitement but for that high adrenaline kick you have to try the shooting range. Fire off an AK47 assault rifle with live ammunition, James Bond’s PPK and the riveting thrill of the pump action shotgun, this activity is enthralling and an eye-opener if you have never fired a real gun before. If your group want to relax by water then Krakow’s Aqua Park is for you, slides, rides, health rooms and jacuzzi style pools will ease away the hangover readying you for another night on the town. Further relax with the luxury spa and massage with jacuzzis, pools, saunas and salt rooms, perfect for recovering from the previous night A more active water sport would be Krakow’s Olympic standard White Water Rafting circuit, requires a dry set of clothes after but worth it as is the Zorbing, roll down a hill and finish in the lake at the bottom, great laugh for the Stag Group.

These are some of the reasons why Krakow is one of the best destinations in Europe for a party weekend, there are plenty more activities and attractions in this beautiful city just check out Krakow on the web whether your Stag Party is a summer or winter weekend Krakow will forever be a Grandad story if you manage to survive a Stag Weekend in Krakow with cheap but great quality beer not to mention the best vodka choices, after all the Polish invented vodka, true story.

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