Ireland - the basics
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February 28, 2022

Ireland – The Basics

Weather in Ireland

The summers are warmer, with a significant rainfall. The winters are pretty moderate and without substantial snow. The two brightest months are May and June to explore the area. Weather can change from cloudy to sunny throughout the year, so always be prepared for every possibility! If you visit during the summertime, you might want to take lightweight woolen or cotton clothes. Always carry an umbrella for that inevitable rain.

Malahide Castle Ireland

Irish Culture

The locals here usually prefer to speak English. Handshaking is customary in Ireland, and the Irish are good at striking up a conversation with strangers. People live in harmony with each other and make terrific friends. Foreigners are welcomed warmly and kindly. Guests never go hungry, as there is always food to be eaten at any time of the day. Most locals here grew up in an agricultural background, and dinner is an important meal where the whole family gathers together. It is generally accepted that the level of formality in dress codes may depend on several other things such as social gathering, time of day, etc. However, most women are expected to wear formal wear when attending a fine restaurant or social gathering. It is also against the law to smoke in any public place.

Shopping in Ireland

Flee markets happen at least once a week and are worth checking out for some cheap goods. Some of Ireland's best shopping is in Belfast – stores open early and close early. Thursdays are the day when shops stay open till 8pm. There is a 17% VAT on purchases that you get refunded if you're living outside of the EU. So if you're buying anything at the store, be sure to ask watch they do when it comes to duty deduction. This will require the staff member to fill out the Tax-Free Shopping Form for you and scan your passport at checkout. It's customary to leave a 10% tip to reward their service. In many places, tips for porters and hairdressers are routine.


The voltage in Northern Ireland is 240V, 50AC. This is equal to the US voltage of 110V.

Getting to Ireland

Aer Lingus is the national airline operating in Ireland, and we offer flights from many major international cities on our worldwide routes. Promotional offers from Delta and other major airlines can be found, which are perfect for booking flights at discounted rates. These help save you money and are easy to find. There are many options for flights to Ireland from the UK. The Dublin airport is located 10km away from the city. There are also other services like buses and taxis, which can take care of getting passengers to their destination. Shannon airport has all these conveniences for a convenient journey. The airport is north of Limerick city, 24km away. You can find a bank, currency exchange, car hire, and tourist information there. They also provide other services such as duty-free shops, currency exchange, and restaurants. If you're planning to travel somewhere and want to see what's available there before booking your flights, make sure you check out Cork and Knock.

It is essential to check out the Dublin, Baltimore, Galway, Wexford, and Kinsale ports to take ferries. Most of the ferries offer high-speed services. In addition, periodically special offers are created that you could take advantage of to save money. Exactly what's more, visit their websites as some of those websites offer information.

In case of emergency, call 999 or 112.

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