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January 31, 2020

How to Prepare For Longer Term Travel

Thinking of doing some serious travelling this year? Maybe its a year long, round the world cruise, or six months backpacking through Asia. It could be four months in Europe, or eight in South America volunteering and helping disadvantaged children. Whatever your plans, if you’ve booked some longer term travel, here are a few things worth getting sorted before you go. 

Get fit

To get the most out of any kind of travel adventure, you need to be up and out every day- walking around and taking in every destination. You might be strolling on the beach or through cities, or trekking up mountains or through the jungle. Regardless of where you’re going, there’s sure to be a lot of activity and walking involved so it’s worth getting yourself in peak physical condition before you go. Lose excess weight, you’ll be more comfortable, especially in warmer climates, and try fast treadmills, challenging cycling routes and other forms of cardiovascular activity to improve your endurance levels. The last thing you want is to be feeling sluggish, tired and achy which spoils your time just because you’re unfit. 

Sort your finances out

Travelling for longer periods will mean you need to sustain yourself financially, so work out how you’ll do this. Do you have savings you will use, or will you work as you travel? If you’re a remote worker, run a business or a blog/ Youtube channel you can continue to earn as you go as all you’ll need is wifi and a laptop. Work out how much money you’ll need, and how much you have each day so that you’re not overspending. 

Arrange things with work

If you work as an employee and you’ll be taking leave from work or leaving your job completely, these are things that you’ll need to sort out before you go. Remember that if you’re quitting your job then you’ll have a notice period that you’ll need to fulfil, so don’t leave it until the last minute. If you’ll be going back to work, this will need to be all sorted and arranged so you can plan the return of your trip around this. 

Work out your living arrangements back home

If you own a home and will be travelling for six months or more, it could be a good idea to rent your property out. That way you get a little income while you’re gone which can support your travel. If you rent your home, it might be worth giving it up if you’re going to be away for many months, otherwise you’re paying rent on an empty property. You would have to look into how easy it would be to find somewhere else when you return, and that you have a place to stay temporarily until you find somewhere.

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