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January 30, 2020

How Legal Education Is Changing

The world occasionally goes through a significant change that has long-lasting impacts. The industrial revolution changed everything, and so did, too, the digital revolution. Today, we see the touch of technology and the internet everywhere; it has changed how we talk to one another, how we spend our free time, how we work, and, increasingly, how we learn. It also provides something of a feedback loop for some genres; the more we learn and use technology, the more we have to deal with issues posed by that technology.

That is especially evident in the legal field. Legal education is pushing forward and adapting to the rise of technology. This results in shifts in the way courses are taught, but also what type of things are being taught. On a modern legal course, it’s possible that a lesson about the legal issues associated with technology (such as intellectual property online) will be delivered via a technological medium (such as video resource).

Of course, these tech issues only form part of a legal course. There are many more areas that receive attention because of their importance in the modern world. The environment and international law are two such important fields, because of their relevance to the modern world. Technology can help students to understand these complex matters because it permits them to learn from experts in the field, even if they can’t physically be in the same place.

To learn more about these changing educational trends in the legal field, check out the infographic from USC below. 

Infographic Design By USC USC
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