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March 14, 2022

How to Create a Vision Board

Although we are already a whole quarter into 2022, there is still time to make your vision board for the year. In fact, I like to create mine a few weeks into the year which gives me time to think about what I want to put on there.

If a vision board is something new to you, here are my easy steps to creating your own vision board. This last year was the first time I created one in a long time, in the past I always felt like they didn’t come true so I stopped making them. Over the last year, I’ve looked at them differently & found many of the things I put on there did happen – Sometimes they were different from the way I imagined.

Create your own vision board

1 – The first step is to head to Pinterest. Create a private board & start pinning things on there. I have a number of private boards I pin things on throughout the year. I will also search the web & then pin images onto the board.

2 – Once you have plenty of pins saved it’s time to get creative. Take the ones you want to add to your board & print them off. There a few ways to do this either add them to a blank word document & print them at home or save them to your phone & print them at a photo booth. If there are any words you want to have on your board type them out & print them too.

3 – Then get a large board, either paper, card or a cork board all work well. Start sticking your images on there – Once you have your board up there it’s time for both you & the universe to get to work.

In the past, I used to believe you put things on your vision board & they magically happened. I now believe some things might do this but it’s also ok for you to go out & make them happen. An example of this is if there’s a destination on there, you don’t have to wait for someone to invite you, you could bring this vision to life by booking it yourself.

There are other things which might happen on your vision board which come to life differently to how you imagined them when you stuck them on there. Last year, I had a picture with a girl in a “girl gang” t-shirt outside an LA hotel. My thought at the time was I’d like a trip to LA but last year I joined 2 Mastermind groups with my own gang of girls. So it came true but in a different way – That’s how I like to look at it!

Other things came true exactly as I thought. I had a drink on a bar in a nice restaurant in Barbados & last year without realising I took a photo in the same spot as the photo – So that really did come true!

Creating a vision board is fun, allows you to dream a little & if some of the things don’t come true this year, they might do at some point in the future. Have fun!

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