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March 23, 2017

Here’s Why Your Next Romantic Trip Should Be To Dubai

When love is in the air, there is no better way to celebrate those feelings than taking a romantic break. There are a number of questions that need to be answered during the planning process. First of all, though, you need to decide where. Dubai is easily one of the greatest contenders (and my sister will be testing this out for her honeymoon later this year). 

Loving couples deserve several key elements for their trip to become one that they’ll cherish forever, and the U.A.E’s most loved tourist spot has it all. Here are just some of the reasons that it’s such an attractive destination.

Sea Burj-al-arab Hotel Dubai Sky Sunset


  •  The weather is virtually guaranteed to be great. There’s nothing more frustrating than booking a holiday with excursions only to have them cancelled due to rain or snow. In Dubai, you’ll be sure to see plenty of sun, and that will enable you to enjoy your vacation to the max. Regardless of the time you choose to visit.
  •  There are plenty of activities to do in Dubai and Dubai's main attractions are perfect for romantic holidays as well as other holiday types. The beaches and sea offer a wonderfully romantic backdrop and a private dinner in Dubai is the ultimate experience. Men looking to pop the question won’t go wrong with asking it at this moment either. Helicopter rides and other activities are amazing ways to create magical memories that will stay in your hearts forever. This guide gives lots of tips for activities for you to choose for a 5 day trip to Dubai
  •  The general standard of hotels is incredible. As a loving couple, there are times during your trip that you’ll simply want to sit by the pool together. Dubai will provide the perfect destination to top up your tan and indulge on the other factors that make a vacation special. Alternatively, apartment rentals can offer the private getaway that some couples enjoy. Whatever your preferences may be, Dubai won’t let you down. Moreover, many of the hotels offer spa facilities and other features for couples to enjoy.
  •  You can still do your own thing. It’s great to have the comfort of great accommodation, but Dubai is a friendly place that makes tourists feel comfortable. Whether it’s doing spontaneous things to enjoy the local culture or hitting the highly regarded shopping malls doesn’t matter. The occasional organised excursion is great. But if you want a holiday that allows you to gain those experiences on your own terms, the U.A.E is a wonderful solution.
  •  It’s a unique destination that you’ll never forget. Not only does Dubai boast its specific charm, but it simply carries the aura of being a big vacation. This gives you an extra sense of enjoyment as you count down the days. Moreover, you’ll no doubt buy some souvenirs that will take pride in your home to provide regular reminders of the fun you had. If nothing else, a trip to the U.A.E will provide you with an arsenal of cool stories to share with friends and family also.


There’s no question that Dubai is a destination that can be enjoyed by all. Nonetheless, romancing couples are at the top of that beneficiaries list. If you’re looking to book your big holiday anytime soon, this is a definite winner. 

Thinking about visiting the U.A.E desert during your trip to Dubai but not sure where to stay? Check out this post and find the best luxury desert resorts in the U.A.E – with and without kids!   

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