Galapagos Islands Weather
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February 18, 2022

Going to the Galapagos? Don’t trust the Weather

Are you planning a trip to the Galapagos? Fulfill your wanderlust with our handy guide to the weather in Ecuador. Check out rainfall patterns, when is the rainy season, and how to pack for the sun exposure.

Galapagos Islands Weather

The Galapagos Islands are one of the Ecuadorian regions that draw tourists. The wildlife found there are fascinating, including penguins and flamingos to iguanas. Though it belongs to Ecuador, it's located some 500 miles away from the mainland. Therefore, guests to Galapagos Island will need to be reached by ship. Many companies can offer you various packages that range from cruises around the islands, visiting certain places on the island, and having a good time. Santa Cruz is one of the more popular destinations for tourists as it is where you can find the Charles Darwin Research Station. You can explore the islands by kayak, which allows you to get into places that might not be accessible with a giant vessel or on foot. There are opportunities for diving and snorkeling too.

The Galapagos is the perfect place for those looking for a change in the climate. But one thing to note is the weather on the island changes significantly with the time of day. During the day, it is a pleasant temperature that ranges between 19-25°C, while it can be rather chilly at night.

The weather in the tropics is not constant. The wet season is active from January to June, and during this time, it rains heavily almost every day. July to December, the dry season, has less rainfall but more sunshine.

Due to the weather, I would recommend booking your visit between July and November. Ensure you get as much sunlight as possible and don't get soaked every day.

With the weather conditions, here are a few things I would suggest packing to make your trip more accessible and more comfortable:

  • High SPF sunscreen – make sure it is reef safe.
  • A wetsuit – the waters can get cold, and this will decrease your chances of getting sunburn while snorkling.
  • Snorkling gear
  • Water shoes – you don’t want to cut yourself on coral
  • Travel towel
  • Sun hat

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