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September 3, 2016

Emirates Corruption: How One Girl’s Dream Job has Turned into her Worst Nightmare

This is a post sent to me by a young Cabin Crew member working for a leading airline in Dubai. Her cries for help really pulled at my heart-strings and I hope that there is some way that we as the travel community might be able to help her, or at the very least raise awareness of a potential corruption issue within the Emirati Government and the airline that does not appear to have been raised before. Here is her story:

“I joined the airline in June 2015, the start of an exciting new adventure.

Training was so cool, I had a nice training batch, made new friends and we worked hard but had loads of fun. As a batch we went for dinners, drinks and clubbing. Dubai was the best, or so I thought.

Emirates Cabin Crew batch

One night I met a few very influential guys, government employees. One guy was throwing money at me, dinner in the best restaurants, exclusive clubs, VIP areas, expensive drinks and house parties and his home, I was living the dream!

I had a great job, flying all over the world and when in Dubai I was treated to only the best of everything. What more could you ask for?

But then everything changed. He started to expect returns. He became touchy and asked for sex. I turned them down and stopped seeing him.

That was the start of my nightmare!

Like any young girl I took loads of selfies and posted pictures on social media of the drinking and partying. There was one photo where I jokingly kissed a fellow crew member, a girl.

kiss selfie emirates airline

Much to my dismay the pictures were emailed to the police, out of context. I was portrayed as a girl who had no respect for the UAE laws, I was accused of alcohol abuse, having sex and doing drugs!

A senior Manager called me, he guaranteed me an early upgrade to first class, good rosters everything cabin crew dream of, he also said the police will stop the investigation. The only catch… I had to keep partying with the Government guy.

I turned him down.

Now to this day the harassment does not stop. Almost everyday I receive calls and threatening messages. I have changed my number but the guy and his friends are powerful, it was not long before I started getting them on the new number.

I told my CCM and she looked into my story. I’m not sure if she stepped on toes but I was then assigned a new CCM. (I have had 3 CCM in the space of a few months)

The airline suspended me, then placed me back on active duty, I got loads of turnaround flights, this month I am on standby for the whole month. This guy has lots of influence. He has the power to manipulate my roster.

Emirates Corruption: How One Girl's Dream Job Has Turned Into Her Worst Nightmare

I am scared and I don’t know what to do…. I can't give in but being in and out of group security and the police station was not the dream I had. My dream job has turned into a complete nightmare. I wanted to share this with your followers as if my story can help prevent only one girl from going through the same hell as me it has served a purpose.”

If you have any advice or help that you can offer this young girl,  please leave a comment below!

*disclaimer. This post was written by a crew member at Emirates airline who gave her full permission for this to be published. Photos were provided with consent for them to be used. Lifeasabutterfly holds no responsibility for the accuracy of any information presented here.* 

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  1. Jenifer Wola says:

    Ahmed this is bad to point fingers at others. we need to see how we all are before saying something to others.

  2. Copper Jade says:

    OMG! what a tragedy. I become sad after reading sad things. I hate the thoughts of Ronnie on such a happening. reading the article above really explains everything in detail, the article is very sad and effective for others. Thank you and good luck with the upcoming articles.

  3. Fens says:

    No advice because she is doing well she managed to turn him down and keep her job. Hang on, good job. Unfortunately EK, DXB and a few men are not as nice as they pretend, so this will be a learning experience about these things. Good to swallow the red pill sometimes.

  4. Manan Samdaria says:

    Stop being a gold digger in the first place

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  6. Dawy says:

    Dear emirati businessman who tries to take revenge because this flight attendant woman doesn’t want you. I know you are reading it, son. First of all, if they raised you properly, you would know that throwing money at a woman is not the way a man gets a woman. That’s how insecure boys do it. So thank you for introducing yourself to the world. Secondly, now that you didn’t get what you wanted because nobody wants you, you try to take revenge like a little girl. That’s sweet, I like that.
    Get a life, nobody cares about you it’s that simple.
    As for the lady, who it happened to, you are a very strong gorgeous woman who can handle this. Never ever give in to insecure little girls like this one. As others pointed out, the emirates is a corrupt dirt hole and the authorities will not protect you because they are on the payroll of the wealthy. Report the matter outside of the dirt hole, so that the whole world can know about it. Then go find yourself a better place, a better airline and surround yourself with men who deserve you.

    • Jade Callaghan says:

      Life became so fucked up in Dubai I had no choice, I packed up and left!
      Girls, be careful, EK is not all glamour!!!!!

  7. Ferdz says:

    I would suggest – just resign and find a new job somewhere else AWAY from the Middle East. Yes, the guy is most probably very influential but there are countries with very strong labor unions and labor codes that protect against harassment. This is what it is – plain and simple. She CAN still live her dream again, but she must first wake up from her nightmare and make changes.

  8. […] This article first appeared on Life As A Butterfly. […]

  9. Aihr says:

    I feel so extremely sad about this. But i know that stories like this exist everywhere. But I pray for you to have more courage. Your story is like what I usually read in Sidney Sheldon Novels, and you must, you must win in the end girl. You really must, no matter what it takes. Have dignity and pride and do not give up.

    • Jenna says:

      Jade has disappeared, she is not at her apartment in Al Khamda Building, her phone is dead and her Emirates email bounces. We are worried!
      who in Management can make this happen?

  10. Dragana says:

    Dubai is corrupt, Zara-Jayne Moisey gets arrested after reporting a gang rape, yet escorts flourish with the ‘approval’ of the police.
    This young gets no support and the two guys that raped in Dubai gets all the support in the world.

    Come on be consistent.

    Do not go to the Middle East bottom line.

  11. Adam Denver says:

    UAE guys are known for that .they consider every expat to be at their fingertips , they will shower them with money and ask you for sex very normal there and you stand 0 chance winning the most easiest thing they could stick narcotics in your bag and report you . they consider all the expats to be their servant .all their contract is you do you will do nothing they will do for you. remain in your job try to discuss the issue with your employer and see what advice you are gonna get fom them . then if OK remain if not apply for another airline . ANSWERING SOME WOMEN HERE HAD SHE BEEN A GOLD DIGGER SHE WOULD HAVE SLPET WITH HIM AND THERE WOULDNT BE ANYFUSS MOST OF EMIRATES CABIN CREW ARE GREAT PERSONALITIES I MET AND TO ME THIS ONE IS NO DIFFERENT. DONT JUDGE .

    • Ahmed says:

      We all know this girl, she is into Drugs, sex and alcohol .
      Even girl on girl kissing in Dubai, she constantly breaks the laws of UAE.
      She posted everything on her snapchat, Instagram and Twitter accounts!
      Now she is playing innocent
      Come on Jade once and for all tell the truth!

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  13. Clairejustine says:

    Sorry to read her story 🙁

  14. I have known a few other people in one form or another of dream job in the UAE and surrounding countries only to find themselves in the worst case scenario. My advice: move the dream job to another airline and never look back. I knew one guy who had to get smuggled out of the UAE and even seek help from the Taliban as part of the journey. Don’t wind up like that!

  15. Yulissa says:

    Oh my!!! It is truly a nightmare. I think accepting gifts or dinner doesn’t mean we as women want something else. As a man thinking because she accepted the gifts then she has to do what he wants, that is where the problem rely. She needs to seek for help at her Country’s Embassy. If I were her I would try anything I can to just leave.

  16. jjeessoo says:

    Sorry that this happened. Not a fun thing to go through

  17. […] This article first appeared on Life As A Butterfly. […]

  18. Danielle says:

    I’m so sorry that this happened. You have my support, love, thoughts, and prayers. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story.

  19. jheaton3612 says:

    This is horrible! No one should deserve that! But being in another country their laws need to be abided by. I hope it all gets resolved for you!

  20. Tamz says:

    Hayley, it is really sad to read your story and what you are going through.
    Sick to see people actually blaming you for the entire thing. Partying, drinking or even the way you dress is YOUR choice and that does not imply you were “selling” yourself to that guy… Sad thing is some men don’t have the balls enough to actually act like men..

    As per advice, see, if Emirates is not supporting you or if you feel harassed, then there is no point spending your precious energy and time for such a workspace. I hope you know where I am getting at.

  21. stylelullaby says:

    Such a sad story! 🙁

  22. Luke says:

    Quit EK and go join Qatar or Etihad – try British Airways – etihad converts seem to still
    Enjoy there life.

  23. Ronda Bowen says:

    There are so many cultural issues that we’re not aware of when thinking about working abroad. This is a good story – and an important one. Are there ways that readers can help her out?

  24. Ty says:

    I am so sorry to hear this story. I hope all goes well for this young lady.

  25. I am so sorry to hear this story. I hope all goes well for this young lady.

  26. This is so horrible! I’m sorry you’re going through it 🙁

  27. Thank you for sharing… It couldn’t have been easy.

  28. Sam says:

    Apply to Qatar airways and leave the country soon. This will never end.

  29. I feel sorry for her but at the same time you should always be aware of who you’re hanging out with and if there is any red flag at any point – back off before it’s too late.

  30. Kara AWNTY says:

    In my honest opinion the way you have been treated is wrong but sadly it seems that your company won’t do anything about. Have you thought about applying for work elsewhere, with another travel company?

  31. This was hard to read, I feel so sad for the girl. I hope she’s able to get out soon!

  32. The negative comments towards this girl are horrifying. You ALWAYS can say no and ALWAYS can back out. It is the basics of consent. If at ANY TIME she felt uncomfortable with the situation, she has the basic right to say NO and LEAVE. She doesn’t owe that guy ANYTHING. EVER. Doesn’t matter if he gave her gifts, doesn’t matter if he spent money on her. If she says no, he needs to respect that. It is entirely the man’s fault. Leave this poor girl alone.

    • slamic says:

      that rules apply for western countries not for middle East or in general for islamic contries. I dont know why it is not reading about the law of this countries before people are going there, you will avoid a lot of troubles.

  33. Janine Good says:

    It is very sad what has happened to her. I hope she finds peace soon!

  34. I don’t have any advice to give as it requires legal advice from professionals. I hope the girl continues to be strong and don’t let the bad guy take away everything she dreamed of. Receiving gifts doesn’t mean you are selling yourself. Gifts are given voluntarily and the giver shouldn’t expect anything in return.

  35. Kimberly Ann says:

    Posts like this truly worry me. If this is indeed still happening he is reading your posts as well as comments. I would strongly encourage you to seek the help of your embassy and guidance from your parents. I would even go as far as possibly legal advice to protect yourself. Posting this publicly could further incite this situation.

  36. Phil says:

    Psalm 23, 35, 103

  37. Phil says:

    Matthew 5:43-45King James Version (KJV)

    43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

    44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

  38. Erika says:

    Thank god I didn’t make my emirates interview. How can they do that to her? Its absolutely discusting!!!!

  39. Pippa says:

    I am so sorry you are going through this! I am not so sure where you are from but I am guessing the UK/Europe, if you feel you need to leave emirates and get out, there are many airlines in Europe who would be delighted to take you as crew, or maybe you could consider going to Etihad ( but the goverment officials will still know how to get in contact) you are very brave to share this and your photos too but anyone can be viewing this including your managers! I wish you all the best but if things get really bad, please consider leaving! Or if you get a flight to Europe, just get off the plane and get a ticket home, you should not have tonlive your working life in fear, and in places like Dubai, it will always be an officials word over yours! Please take care xxx

    • Dubai Spy says:

      no Pippa shes filipino, this never happens to US/UK/Western Euros but to people from the ppor countries famous for golddigging.

      • Dubai50 says:

        ehm no, white girls give up immediately and let themselves be used by locals. I don’t know if she is REALLY this stupid or just now playing “boo hoo hoo I didn’t know” but there is no future for her in Dubai, pack up and leave before you actually end up in prison (and I’m not joking!)… good luck

  40. Abdul. says:

    this is the story of most of the cabin crew in Dubai not only emirates. most just done come up or give in to them ..feel sorry for her .. heads up to all the female cabin crew Dubai is filled with guys this with unlimited money and used to getting what they want.

  41. theodore says:

    Matthew 7:7 says, ” ask you shall be given seek you shall receive knock the door shall be open for you. My humble advice for you is to embrace God give your life to christ. I know you have told so many people about this but you haven’t told God. Humble your self before God ask him for forgiveness and mercies, I don’t know if you are a christian? If you are, make a seven days prayer fast for Tuesday and Friday 6am-12pm. And say th se prayer. psalm 51, Psalm 91, Joshua 1and Matthew11:23-30. Do it with faith and avoid sin God never fail the way he will do it you will not know. I bet you the guy will forget you.

  42. BERNARD says:

    I have flown on Emirates and really met my expectations. You guys are amazing but just as in any human institution, both men and women deceive, hate, love, inspire, discourage, encourage, influence, fail and succeed in many ways. I don’t know your background but this is my priceless advice as a faithful child of God. Think through the phenomena and listen to your feeling and put the best options before yourself and pray God for protection and ask for His Will to be done whilst on your knees. Close prayer in the name of JESUS CHRIST. A miracle can occur and the table will turn. God will quicken your mind! Because men lie women lie but God is most powerful. Cheers!

  43. Ash says:

    Hi there, I’m sorry for the state you are living in. However things all went wrong for you when you started living lavishly. If you have gone to work for a dream job then you should have done that not to get into trouble. Do your duty sincerely. All fun and excitement you can get back to your country and do it. For that matter you can go on vacation and do it. Don’t get me wrong, respect your work and country you live.

  44. Ivonne says:

    This girl needs to get herself out of Dubai! Sadly these things happen all the time knowingly and unknowingly.

  45. This is a terrible story! I wish I had some help to offer, but I’m really unfamiliar with this industry and the laws in that part of the world. I hope things turn around and change for the better!

  46. Rami says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. Justice will prevail. Try contacting Dubai Governer Sheikh Mohammed @hhshkmohd or Who knows what might happen. Best of luck!

    • this is the absolute worst advise lol.

      gtfo out of the UAE. you as a woman don’t have the same rights as a Emerati man. Me as a man don’t share the same rights.

      Find a new dream, and next time pay closer attention to your actions.

  47. kage2015 says:

    Leave and leave immediately.

  48. abd says:

    The woman exposed herself toomuch to material things and offers. She was even going to his home. Thats a bad part of you foreigners….. you indulge everywhere completely bcoz of offers and NOT judging your actions at even one point. This message first you should throw to all your new pals and workmates so that they dont bring such cases, make seminars or advices to everyone who come and warn them. Second for your case, report this to a lawyer or human resource manager so that the company well knows about whats going on. Or else ask for transfers to your local country emirate representative/officer. Or leave for another gulf airline–etihad, qatar, oman. Or other international airlines–singapore, korean.
    Another way stick to your rules and they’l get tired to followup over you. Take care

  49. Jill Wiley says:

    This is horrible. I feel sorry for her…

  50. Sanaa Hamid says:

    Emirates is a corporate world. I am not surprised to read of corruption. However had the picture been a little different as in the air hostess had refused partying with the men from the beginning and then if Emirates had behaved the way they did – one could the airline. In my opinion in this situation how could the air hostess be so naive to accept all the luxury without thinking that there will be a price to pay. Best to leave Emirates and the country, live a low key life and start all over again.

  51. Interesting post, thanks for sharing it.

  52. brookegrasso says:

    Sad to see negative comments toward this woman 🙁 I hope everything works out for her, she does not deserve this.

  53. Sorry no advice to share x

  54. Ronnie says:

    You should have more respect to yourself. Blame no one but yourself. U know it was coming. A man treating u. What else could it be!! U intended to sell yourself. And stop partying with guys. A lots of others things to do. U need to change. Not the guys

    • Hayley says:

      In Western culture accepting gifts doesn’t mean you are selling yourself, I disagree with your comment!

      • Ronnie says:

        Look.. just deny the gift and the man will know u don’t need to go any further. Yes it does. Just hit him straight with it. U already knew what he want. My 5 year old can figure this out.

      • Ronnie says:

        Western cultures or eastern or northern or southern cultures. A human being is a human being. We’re all the same. Go get steady life get married and enough exposing yourself and get mixed up in crowds and wear that miniskirt. I’m just talking to u. I’m saying in general

        • Hayley says:

          Actually human beings are not all the same at all. Not everybody would suspect that accepting gifts means that they should ‘sell themselves’, particularly a person from a Western culture who is not familiar with this type of attitude. In the UK if this happened she could try the man for sexual harassment. A five year old certainly wouldn’t think this way in our culture either. But this is fundamentally down to a cultural difference. I’m not sure which mini skirt you are referring to but I don’t think it is appropriate to suggest she gets a ‘steady life’ or must get married. Again, this does not sound like the attitude of somebody from a Western culture where women are free to dress as they please and are under no obligation and there is no expectation that they should marry. I find your comments offensive to women and I won’t approve any further comments of this nature.

          • theantnest says:

            Well… I don’t really even know what to say… Are some girls really that stupid? She didn’t realise what the expectations were going into this? What did she expect?

            This is just basic smarts, not specific to the middle east. If a young pretty girl has a guy she met in a club throwing money at her, taking her out, showering her with gifts, and inviting her back to his house, the expectation is the same no matter what country or culture you are in. It’s not like she saw the guy only once, she kept going back to him.

            I am not trying to justify the guys behaviour, I’m just pointing out that neither party here seems innocent.

        • Karmar14 says:

          Ronnie your not a very nice person are you.

    • Annika Hope says:

      Ronnie you are just a peach. What a disgusted reply. Shame on you.

  55. Thanks for sharing your story

  56. Eric Pierotti says:

    It’s Dubai. What did you expect.

  57. Rishi Sharma says:

    It is utterly naive of the girl to enjoy the lavish treatment at the hands of the official, and hope that nothing is expected of her in return.

  58. Rabab says:

    If she had no serious intentions to be with him.. why did she accept his money and dinners ? She can file a case against him and seek protection from her country’s embassy in the U.A.E.. If that guy’s power was still influential, then let her consider a new job in a different country for the sake of peace of mind..

  59. Lucy says:

    Having lived in the Gulf, I can tell you your best option is to leave. It’s not like in Europe and you are not protected by the same laws and influence as an Emirati. I lived in Oman and loved it but you need to be very clear, that as a western woman the law does not always protect you and if things are going wrong, your best and safest option is to leave. There won’t be any way of resolving this issue I’m afraid. Not being harsh but that is the reality of wassta. You should protect yourself and leave.

    • Yes I’d say get out of there. I also spent time in the Gulf as a teacher and such officials abuse power on a ‘no holds barred’ basis. Once when in Far East, the British Consul advised me straight,. ‘don’t take him on, the foreigner never wins’ – then I was dealing with a corrupt school owner, and there were many complaints against him. Guess what – still in business 20 years later, nothing sticks to them. You could have a very bad ending if you try to expose him more. Well, wish you luck anyway and it seems so unfair I know.

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