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August 22, 2014

Book Launch 2015: Life of a Hostie. Everything You Need To Become Cabin Crew

I am very pleased to announce that after many weeks of writing my book is now published and ready for sale!

Book Launch 2015

This book is an essential guide for all those that dream of becoming cabin crew. Do you imagine yourself strolling through the airport in a glamorous uniform? Offering a high class service onboard an aircraft? Eagerly anticipating the new destination ready for you to explore at the end of your flight? Do you see yourself living a nomadic lifestyle, yet knowing that you will always return home via the safety and security of the airline you work for at the end of your trip? There is no other job like working as cabin crew in the world and this book will help you not only to secure a job as cabin crew, but also to prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career at 30,000ft! Whether you aspire to work for a budget airline such as easyJet or Ryan Air, a charter such as Thomas Cook, or a scheduled airline such as Virgin Atlantic, Emirates or British Airways, this guide will answer all of your questions and give you all of the information you need!

To purchase the book and to make the first step towards your new career, click on the Amazon link below. Good luck and happy flying! 🙂

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  1. pimphisa says:

    May I ask if the company hire Asian girl with british passport? and If i difficult to be successful for them.
    I have Access certificate and a couple of level 2 qualification with maths FSMQ, but I’m really afraid that the company would not consider Asian ladies.

    thank you

  2. Alice Smith says:

    I bought this book last week because I want to be an air hostess when I’m 18. Thank you so much for writing this book because there were so many things I didn’t know! I now have a much clearer view of what it’s like being cabin crew and how to send a good application.

    Alice 🙂

    • Hayley says:

      I’m so glad you liked it Alice! Thanks for your feedback! Would you mind putting a review for me on Amazon? Thanks so much in advance and good luck with your job search! 🙂 Hayley

  3. Mark Johnston says:

    Hi there,

    I recently bought this book and have read it already in just a few days. I just wanted to say that I think this is an excellent investment for people wanting to apply and become cabin crew like myself. It is such a hard industry to get into and I feel this book really outlined a lot of important information about applying, training and life as a cabin crew member. It not only answered many questions I had but also taught me many things that I didn’t know in detail, especially all the different types of training such as SEP and AVMED. It has given me lots of advice on how to submit a really good application as well to stand out from everyone else. I’m going to go back through the book and make some notes for myself because the information will come in very handy if you are accepted for a training course and will give you pointers about what to expect.


    • Hayley says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback Mark, I’m glad it was helpful! Would you be able to put a review on Amazon for me? It would be fantastic if you could! Thanks so much and good luck with your job search!! Hayley

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