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August 24, 2017

Relax And Explore : Why Spain Is The Perfect Location For Your Next Family 2 Part Trip

The problem with having a larger than average portion of wanderlust in your soul is that when you are on a trip, there is strong temptation to fit in as many sites and wonderful experiences as possible. This, for the most part, is great. However, it can also be exhausting, and when you have a family to take care of as well, it's easy for things to become out of balance. This, in turn, leads to everyone getting over tired, something that can stop anybody having any fun. That is why it's a brilliant idea to combine some relaxation with some exploring in a two location trip and one place that is a great choice for this is beautiful Spain. Read on to find out more.

The two-part trip

Firstly, before we get into the specifics of where you should spend your time and money in Spain, let's discuss the concept of the two-location trip. The two-part trip is a holiday that is distinctly split between visiting one place with the purpose of just chilling out and relaxing and a second location where you strap on those walking boots and get to explore the culture around you.

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Of course, it is possible to pick a location where you can do both, as there are many historical sites to visit along the Spanish coast such as the mountain top medieval monastery Sant Pere de Rodes in El Port de la Selva, and the Jardín Botánico Marimurtra botanical garden in Blanes. A place that has spectacular sea views. However, delineating the trip by having two locations makes it very clear what you should be doing with you time and when. It also takes off a lot of the pressure to be out and about doing something, when what you could all do with is an afternoon lazing around the pool.  Essentially, it just means that you know you have a space and time for both things that you want to do, and you can completely dedicate yourself to them while you are in each place.

An added bonus is that you can decide when you want the relaxation part of your break to be, either at the beginning or at the end, depending on where your family's energy levels are. So increasing the enjoyment of the other part as you will be suitable rested, or tired out as necessary to enjoy it.

The relaxation part

In a two location trip to Spain, the relaxation part is the time that you get to put your feet up, enjoy the weather, the local food and most importantly the company of your family. That is why it's best to stay clear of activity-filled urban centres and instead go for something along the coastline of Spain in places such as the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. With temperatures of up to 30 degrees centigrade in the summer to bathe in. As well as economy set up around seasonal visitors and people who retire and move to Spain,  when you will find reasonably priced and delicious restaurants serving local fare, it easy to see why the Spanish coast is one of the most popular choices for a relaxing break.

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The perfect accommodation for this part of your Spanish break is renting a villa with a pool, like the ones available from Holiday homes in Spain, and other providers online. Then you don't even need to leave the grounds to take a dip to cool off when it's hot. Meaning there is no excuse to not relax totally, and get that true sense of being refreshed from your break

The exploring part

Although, if you are fuelled by wanderlust the exploring part of your break is just as important as the relaxation part, so you’ll want to get this right as well.

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Picking the location isn't always easy, as there are many beautiful cities and places to explore in Spain, and you might wish to visit the Barcelona in with its stunning organic- like Gaudi architecture? While Madrid is another popular Spanish city to explore with things like the Temple of Debod, a real life Egyptian place of worship transferred over to Spain, or the neoclassical Almudena Cathedral to visit. Although, of course, your choice will also depend on whereabouts the location is in relation to the other stop on your trip, and whether you can fly or drive there in a convenient way. As no one wants to travel unnecessarily for hours and hours with young kids.

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Also, remember to take a pushchair that will be easy to get around with for the kids and pack comfy shoes to make the adventure part of the break as pleasant as possible.

The true problem here is that there is so much stuff to do in Spain that it can be tough to narrow down where you want to be. Luckily there are some truly helpful websites like and, that allows you to research the sort of things that you and your family will be interested in. So you can narrow down the locations to pick from for this the second part of your two location trip.

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