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April 11, 2018

The Ultimate Guide To Taking Your Career Abroad

Just because you have a full-time job doesn’t mean you can’t experience the joys of travel. If you have been afflicted by a bout of wanderlust, you may be worried that you can’t scratch the itch. While you may not be able to purchase your flights and then leave at the drop of a hat, you can still embark on an adventure overseas with just a little more planning and research. It is more than possible in the twenty-first century to take your job with you. By doing this, you can earn a wage as you travel and you will be able to experience life at the very heart of a community rather than simply experiencing the tourist hotspots.

Working Remotely

With the emergence of the Internet, Wi-Fi, WebEx and Skype, it is now more than feasible to work anywhere that you have a laptop. Stories of architects based in the UK employing the finest building designers from the far reaches of the globe is not unheard of. You need to ensure that you and your trusty laptop have all the software and gadgetry that you need in order to do your job efficiently and to the highest quality. If you are an illustrator, you may need Adobe graphics software. If you’re a writer, perhaps the free open source word processing tools will suffice.

The Ultimate Guide To Taking Your Career Abroad

Broach the topic of taking a trip abroad with your current employer and gauge their reaction. While they may be taken aback by your plans, they may also understand how much of an asset you are to the staff team, and they might not want to lose you. By cutting your hours, you could spend half of your time in a hotel room squirrelling away on a laptop and the rest immersing yourself in a whole new way of life.


Sometimes to work abroad you may need to boost your credentials on your CV. If you work in the world of corporate finance, an MBA is world renowned and recognised globally. If you work in the medical profession, why not enhance your prospects by enrolling in an MSN-FNP online. Any sort of postgraduate, masters-level course will boost your earning potential when overseas and could help you get that all-important Skype interview.

Do your research online before you travel overseas. There is no point quitting your job, only to take a chance on a destination to realise that they don’t have a policy for employing overseas visitors. At the same time, you may need to take the plunge with countries like Japan who won’t employ anyone unless they are currently a resident of the nation.

Travelling overseas to awe inspiring destinations means you can take time to explore and enjoy new life-affirming experiences. Many people yearn to experience new people, cultures and cuisine but aren’t brave enough to bite the bullet. Make a plan and work out how you can finance your travel dreams by taking your career along with you.

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