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December 6, 2016

Travelling with Baby Checklist- Ergobaby Adapt Review

As I approach the dawn of my second trimester I decided it’s time to start researching baby items. So where did I choose to start? A baby carrier of course…. here is my Ergobaby Adapt review! 

Baby Travel Items

I never realised how daunting the baby-travel market actually was before. Did I want a travel system or an all-terrain pushchair? What about portable high chairs? Where will baby sleep when we travel? How do I keep the baby quiet when flying? Google any one of these questions and you will get a plethora of answers.

Last year I took my travelling to a new level and embarked on a number of treks and even climbed a mountain! Whilst my activity levels have fluctuated throughout the years (subscribe to gym, cancel gym membership… become a yogi, stop yoga because it’s too ‘easy’… sign up to run a Tough Mudder race, put the running shoes away as soon as I pass the finish line), my husband is an ex-international athlete and as such will always be physically active when travelling or at home. So with prospects of trekking the great wall of China, walking Machu Picchu and late night strolls across the beach I decided one of my must-have items was a baby carrier.

But where should I start?! There are so many options out there! Having plenty of experience with poorly designed rucksacks which have subsequently hurt my back (as I discussed in my recent review of the Babymule changing bag) I knew that choosing the right baby carrier was not a decision to be taken light-heartedly. I spent hours scrolling through Amazon, reading reviews and assessing prices. I read many, many blogs and comparison websites. I asked my friends who have babies what they use and why. I did some lengthy research. And my conclusion? I decided to go with the Ergobaby Adapt carrier.

Ergobaby Adapt Review 

At £130 the Ergobaby Adapt certainly isn’t the cheapest on the market, but as experience has taught me- the cheapest isn’t always the most cost-effective! I wanted a carrier that would last (you never know, there may be a second baby butterfly at some point in the future!) and that would not hurt my back. I wanted something that was good quality and that could be used with the baby as she grows. Based on this criteria I decided that the Ergobaby was my best bet.

ergo baby adapt

When I first looked into buying one of the Ergobaby carriers I was a little confused-which one could I use with a newborn? There was mention of having to buy a newborn insert, which quite frankly, I thought was a bit of a faff! But then I was given the opportunity to review the Ergobaby Adapt, which could be used from birth, without needing any additional inserts- perfect!

As baby hasn’t yet arrived I obviously can’t comment on how she will fit and how comfortable it will be to use at this stage (13 weeks and counting!!). However, there are a few things that I love about this carrier already! The padding is great for small babies, designed to support baby’s neck for the first six weeks. Adjustment is easy and simple, with a Velcro seat. The waistband is supportive, but not too big. The carrier is adaptable, the seat can be moved to accommodate toddlers up to 40 Pounds and the straps can be rearranged to be used in a simple H fashion or across the back. The carrier is also machine washable, has an adjustable hood and is made from 100% cotton shell and lining.

ergo baby carrier positions

So, all in all, I am super happy with this baby carrier and I am so excited to be able to take my baby girl on her first few travels around the world using this! You can purchase the carrier on the Ergobaby website or on Amazon.

For more information on the best baby carriers for travelling I recommend you check out this post by by Blissmersion

Check back in a few weeks for an update on how I get on with the carrier after the arrival of baby butterfly! 

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  6. mamaferang says:

    You made a good choice, LOVE our Ergobaby and it’s been around the world. Even though my daughter is now 16months I still carry here, especially as there are no pavements here, Enjoy and good luck with your new arrival. Suzi x

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