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May 9, 2017

Top tips for looking after your hair whilst travelling

My mum is a hairdresser and so I grew up always having nice hair (yes, I was very lucky-thanks mum!). I also used to work as Cabin Crew, where the way you look is extremely important. So as you can guess, I do like to take care of my appearance. But this is easier said than done when travelling. During my six-month trip across Asia and Australia I resorted to tying my hair up everyday as my roots and split ends became out of control, I couldn’t even bear to look at them! Travelling can make your hair break and become weak and dry so it’s important that you take care of it if you want to stay looking good in all those travel snaps! Here are some tips for looking after your hair whilst on the road

Avoid shampoo bars

When I first started travelling somebody suggested I try a shampoo bar. I bought mine from Lush, but there are a number of retailers who sell them. The idea is that you can put it away in a box so it is small to transport and it lasts a lot longer than a bottle of shampoo. Have you ever heard of shampoo bars? No? There’s probably a reason for that! This shampoo knotted my hair and made it incredibly dry so it ended up coming out when I brushed it. It wasn’t cheap either. This was a big fail.  

Invest in conditioner

Conditioner is your best friend when travelling. Travel seriously wreaks havoc with your hair. Your hair gets unmanageably knotted when driving in open air vehicles like tuk tuks or when doing activities that blow your hair like bungie jumps or paragliding. Water also causes a problem, especially when it’s salty! My hair is always difficult to manage when I’ve been for a swim in the sea or diving. A couple of years back I stayed in a beautiful cabin on the beach in the Gilli Islands, it was idyllic in every way, except for the salt water shower! A good conditioner will give your hair some much needed moisture and help avoid the knots and split ends that come with dry hair.

Buy a tangle teaser

My tangle teaser is my best friend! It helps to get those knots out, without tearing out too much of your hair. I bought my first tangle teaser about five years ago and I’ve never looked back! But if the worst does happen and you do end up with less hair on your return home than when you left, you can always invest in an Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment.

Have your hair done before you leave

Your hair will always survive the journey better if it starts out in a good condition. I would suggest that you have a really good trim before you depart and get rid of any split ends. This will help keep your hair healthier and will of course make those holiday pics look a bit better! It also might be worth considering your hair colour too, if you usually have bleach you may wish to reconsider as this will contribute to dryness. You may also want to avoid hair styles which can’t be easily tied back (the last thing you want when you’re doing that skydive is for your hair to be in your eyes!). 

Do you have any suggestions for taking care of your hair whilst travelling? Leave them in the comments below!

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