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January 13, 2020

Sleeping At Last: 4 Ways To Grab 40 Winks

We all need to sleep. If there is one thing that we all have in common in life, it’s the fact that sleep is a must if we want to be energised and present for the day ahead. We each have different levels of energy, which means that we all need different amounts of sleep to function well. It stands to reason that what would work for one person will not work for another, and that’s why we have four different ways that you can finally relax and grab those 40 winks that you want so badly. 

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  • Set A Routine

If you are currently lying in bed until beyond midnight staring at your phone, then you need to consider that your routine is the problem. Setting a sleep routine isn’t just for children; you can benefit, too. Make sure that for around an hour before sleep time, you’re not using screens. The blue-light technology can keep you awake long beyond your comfort levels. Instead of worrying about your Facebook account and your Instagram likes (or watching funny cat videos), just get off your phone. A warm drink, comfortable PJs and a regular bedtime that allows for 6-8 hours of sleep is what you need.

  • Herbal Help

From herbal drinks to something to smoke with hand blown glass pipes, you can find many different herbal remedies to help your body to relax. Most people like to relax with herbal tea that helps their brain to calm down, their body to switch off and to give them enough relaxation to sleep soundly. The world is somewhat wired, and with the amount of sugar and processed food that we eat, it makes sense that an herbal remedy can help.

  • The Right Environment

Your bedroom should be comfortable. The walls should be a color that inspires sleep, and your blankets and sheets should be fresh, tidy and ready to climb into. Crumpled linens do not an invited bed make! So, make your bed every morning with additional pillows and throws if necessary, and make sure that you have curtains or blinds that block out the light. You can enjoy a more comfortable night of sleep if you're not disturbed by stripes of light coming into the room. Add a fan if you need the air and noise to sleep comfortably, and don’t be afraid to put a teddy on the pillow!

  • Take a Breath

Sometimes, meditation can make a big difference in helping your brain to switch off right before bedtime. Meditating with the help of YouTube videos can change the way that you sleep, making it more restful and making you more comfortable with it. There’s no need to get into bed stressed and hurried if you don’t have to. Bedtime should be a time of relaxation and Zen, so why not do a bite-sized meditation video before you slip between the sheets?

Sleep is necessary for healing and replenishing your energy levels. Don’t let it be something that you miss out on.

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