Road trips are the best way to travel in the UK
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June 23, 2020

Road Trips in the UK: Why It’s Just a Better Way to Travel for Everyone

Whether you are 25 or 75, it’s never too early or too late to go on a road trip. In fact, we are going to discuss why exactly road trips are going to be a better option than any other form of travelling for everyone soon.

Why Road Trips are the Better Option

A good many of us enjoy road trips more than anything else, but it does vary from person to person. Nevertheless, the biggest, universal reason to not use public transport right now would be the fact that you will lower your chances of contracting COVID-19 during your travels.

Once the lockdown eases and travelling resumes, it’s just a better idea to get in your own car with your own family for a short road trip than it is to get on a flight, where there will be other people from various places.

Unmatched Freedom is a Constant

Whether you want to spend a night in your campervan at a scenic location, or drive for 6 hours straight to get to your destination; it’s all about your own preferences and your own choices. That kind of freedom can only be enjoyed when you are driving your own car.

Beware of the Fact that there is an Element of Danger

There is however, an element of danger to taking a road trip, because accidents and car theft are not uncommon when you are on the road. The dangers increase in their frequency and intensity if the people are recent or old retirees. This happens on account of two facts:

  • A good number of insurers believe that older people get into more accidents, although that’s not factually true
  • When older people do get into an accident, the injuries (if present) are often quite severe

As a result, car insurance for older drivers is not provided by insurance companies easily. On the other hand, some insurers do provide car insurance for older drivers, but at a very premium price. Depending on the person’s driving record, age, medical conditions, overall health, eyesight, etc. the premiums on a car insurance policy for older drivers can begin to look downright ridiculous.

There is fortunately a convenient way to get surprisingly cheap car insurance for older drivers, even if they are past their 80s. Quotezone has created a platform which helps seniors and super seniors get cheap car insurance, by letting them compare insurance quotes and negotiate with the all insurers simultaneously. Top insurance companies such as Admiral, Elephant, Hastings Direct, Swinton and various others compete against each other on the platform, which results in seniors ending up with the best quotes possible for their car insurance policy.

If you have never taken a road trip before, then you may very well have one of your best travelling experiences yet by simply going on your first. In case you have already had a good share of road trips during your younger days, there’s practically no reason to take another in the near future, if you want to.

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