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January 9, 2018

Messy Baby Messy Me: A Review

Welcome to food baby girl! At 6 months old I was excited to introduce my baby butterfly to her first tastes of the world, little did I know, however, just how messy it could be! So when I was given the chance to review some of the Messy Me products I jumped at the chance!

Messy Me is a family owned business, set up in based in Farnham, UK. Using local agencies and freelancers, they support British manufacturing, with all products are made in the UK. They design and manufacture a range of oilcloth products, using soft, high quality, easy clean fabric sourced from Denmark. All products are inspired and designed by a mum who can understand and empathise with the weaning process and messy little babies! I was kindly gifted three Messy Me items to review: the messy mat-soft grey stars; Ikea antelope high chair mini insert (grey); and the messy tunic red stars.

To begin with, I was really impressed with the splash mat. It’s lightweight and easy to put on the floor. It’s also simple to fold away and can be stored without taking up much room. This hard-wearing oilcloth covers a great range of space as it's 90 x 120cms in size. It sits nice and flat on the floor so you don't need to worry about tripping over the corners and it’s easy to sit beneath the high chair to catch any bits of food your little ones wants to drop (or throw!).

I was also really pleased with the highchair insert. It is designed to fit into any chair that requires a little extra padding and works perfectly with my Ikea Antilop high chair. A piece of elastic across the base allows it to hold it’s chair-like shape fairly well on its own but it will fold down smaller if you’d prefer to store it out of the way. It can be fitted in seconds which is super convenient and which also means that it can also be removed in seconds to allow for wiping it clean.The cushion is also made from oilcloth which means that most foods just wipe off quickly- very important for busy mummies! There are warnings about taking care with certain foods that may stain the fabric, things like curries, blueberries, tomatoes etc, nothing unusual there. The cushion is lovely and soft and, in combination with the padding, makes for a comfortable position for your little one unlike some of the harder, more plasticised cushions on the market.

messy me

Lastly, I tested the messy me tunic. In terms of appearance I thought this was really cute. The tunics are beautifully stylish and the oilcloth has been specially selected in a range of gorgeous designs and colours to cater for every style choice. You can choose from four different colours in the star design including – True Blue, Dusty Pink, Olive Grey and Classic Red and Vintage Floral. Once again, as it’s made from oilcloth it is super easy to wipe clean after messy meals. In my opinion, a long sleeved option would be useful as my little one loves to get food all over her arms, especially problematic during winter when she is wearing long sleeved tops every day and it’s too cold to strip down to a vest! I also coupled the tunic with my catch-me bib as Isla has a tendency to end up with more food on her lap than in her mouth.

messy me

messy me

Overall, I would recommend Messy Me for any messy baby. They have a great range of products that helps make mummy’s (or daddy’s) life that little bit easier by lightening the workload… and I’m sure this is something any parent would welcome!


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  2. Ross Hunt says:

    We’ve loved Messy Me so far too! Makes weaning so much easier

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