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November 14, 2019

Intriguing Locations That You Might Not Have Visited (Or Explored Thoroughly)

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There’s nothing more freeing than exploring the world. It’s a big world, so you know there are always unexplored destinations waiting for you. You can’t see every town and city on the planet, and that’s a beautiful thing; how boring would it be if you could do that? You’d run out of ideas for future trips! So, if you’ve done a lot of travelling and you’re starting to believe that you’ve seen every great destination out there, then this post might just prove you wrong.

There are many things that you might not see when you first visit a place, such as the narrow back streets or the beautiful doors and window designs. Here are some intriguing locations that you might not have visited (or explored thoroughly). You might just get some inspiration for your next trip.


This gargantuan country is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for unique travel experiences. Even if you’ve been to Russia a dozen times, you won’t have seen everything it has to offer. It’s a vast country, and nobody could explore the place in its entirety during a lifetime. Perhaps you’ve been to one of its major cities, such as the capital. Moscow is a fantastic city, and it’s well worth seeing if you’ve never been there before; from the breathtaking architecture to the winter markets (which will be in full flow at this time of year), there is so much to enjoy in the capital. But there’s more to Russia than Moscow. So, even if you have been there before, you could return to this great country to explore places you might not have seen.

Saint Petersburg, in particular, is a city that’s well worth seeing. There’s so much history in this intriguing place. You’ll see it in every magnificent piece of architecture that dates back to a time which is long gone. The Grand Cascade in Peterhof, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saint Petersburg, will leave you speechless, as you stand in awe and admire it. These decadent and luxurious palaces were created by Peter the Great in response to the Palace of Versailles. They certainly stand as a great testament to the architectural ingenuity and prowess of the clever minds who worked on it. But these palaces also capture an important part of Russia’s history. They symbolised something. They symbolised a country which wanted to make its mark on the world and demonstrate that it had as much cultural worth as other great nations.


This is another fantastic destination that you should consider visiting at some point during your travels. It might be worth looking into available Bhutan tours. That way, you can get help from a professional guide to fully explore the area and get a complete understanding of everything this country has to offer. You’ll be treated to spectacular Himalayan landscapes, for starters. The natural beauty of this country will become clear to you as you traverse it. Make sure you plan your visit so you can experience Bhutan whilst some of its iconic Tsechus are on, too. These festivals are vibrant and exciting. If you head to Thiumpu, the capital of Bhutan, then you’ll be able to experience the exhilarating and fast-paced weekend market, as well. This is an intriguing city, both historically and in terms of its present-day cultural influence on the region. Make sure you explore Kathmandu’s temples and stupas, too. Bhutan is renowned for its many impressive temples, so you definitely need to see some of them whilst you’re there.

South Korea.

This East Asian nation is well worth visiting if you want a culturally-enriching travel experience. There’s more to South Korea than its modern cultural significance. K-Pop has massively accelerated South Korea’s entertainment industry, both domestically and internationally. And modern corporations such as Samsung and LG were founded and grown in this country, leading to the boom of its technological sector. But there’s a deep history to this nation, too. It’s been under many different rules, leading to the formation of a tumultuous yet fascinating historical tapestry. If you visit the National Museum of Korea in Seoul, you’ll be able to learn about the intriguing history of the entire country. You’ll find ancient exhibits in there, such as the Gold Crown.

You might also want to explore the intriguing Jeju Province. If you’re looking for a very different experience of South Korea, then this would be an opportunity to see some of the natural beauty that the island has to offer. Jeju Island, in particular, is astoundingly beautiful. The Jeju Waterfalls on this island draw visitors from all over the world, and you’ll understand why this is the case when you experience them for yourself. There are also plenty of intriguing caves and breathtaking landscapes laden with everything from tranquil beaches to looming volcanoes. This island has also been named as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, so that should put its natural splendour into perspective.

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Japan is another stunning country that you should consider exploring if you want an exhilarating trip. Visiting Tokyo would be a fantastic way to start your travels. The capital is a large and exciting place that’s unlike any other city in the world. Make sure you begin by seeing some of the iconic landmarks in the capital. The Tokyo Skytree is a large and vibrant tower which soars above the skyline. This architecturally-impressive structure is admirable in pictures but even more incredible in person. You should also visit the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, known as Miraikan, for an insight into the technological innovations taking place in both Tokyo and Japan as a whole.

Visible beyond the skyline of Tokyo is Mount Fuji. It’s an iconic natural landmark that’s known internationally. But seeing this fantastic mountain in pictures is one thing. Climbing it is another experience altogether. If you want a truly eye-opening adventure, then you should ascend this spectacular natural structure. Not only is it a visually-impressive landmark, but it also offers visually-impressive views of the city below. So, if you want to experience Tokyo from a mesmerising vantage point, then you should hike up Mount Fuji. It would be an incredibly rewarding experience that would provide memories for you to treasure forever.


Egypt is a nation with plenty of incredible tourist experiences. You should definitely visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx if you want to see some of the most amazing landmarks in the country. Of course, you might want to go beyond the famous locations that every tourist visits. You should explore the Glass of the Great Sand Sea if you want to see an utterly unique natural sand formation in the desert. The secret mummy cave in Luxor is worth exploring, too. There are plenty of hidden gems and treasures in Egypt. The country is full of them.

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Is this a joke? Anybody who loves travelling has probably been to Paris at some point in their lives. Even if you haven’t been to this city yet, you probably know what it has to offer; the Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark, and so is the Arc de Triomphe. The capital of France is no great secret among travelling enthusiasts. However, you might not have seen everything that this great city has to offer. As mentioned in the introduction, this is a list of destinations that you might not have visited or explored thoroughly. A lot of obscure and unique locations have been mentioned in this article, but let’s talk about some hidden gems in one of the world’s most famous cities.

One of the most intriguing hidden gems in the capital of France is Parc Floral. Away from the hustle and bustle of busy city streets, you’ll be treated to open-air jazz and classic concerts if you visit this park during the summer. Many people visit France for the warm and romantic feel of the city, but that can be lost in tourist-packed streets. A quaint and cosy park that puts on all manner of concerts could help you to properly enjoy your stay in the capital. There are also free open-air cinema showings at Parc la Villette if you’re looking for a good film in a tranquil location.

Do you need more hidden gems? Okay, that’s understandable; it’s easy to become hooked on the Parisian lifestyle once you arrive. Have a drink at the Petit Bain. This is a barge on the Seine that has been converted into a bar – they also put on concerts. How many times have you had a drink and watched a show on a converted barge? Better yet, you’ll be on the River Seine, which is one of the most iconic waterways in Paris; you’ll be treated to spectacular views. There’s more to this capital city than the Eiffel Tower. If you’ve not been to Paris before, make sure you pay a visit to its famous landmarks, of course. But if you’ve already been to this great city, then don’t shy away from returning because you think you’ve seen everything it has to offer. It’s a large place, and there’s more to the city than the side that most tourists see.

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