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November 28, 2019

How To Have A Relaxing Holiday Without Getting Bored

Have you ever gone on holiday to relax and ended up getting bored? Or perhaps you’ve never booked yourself a relaxing holiday for fear of getting bored. Do all your holidays consist of adventure, exploring, activities? Are they so jam-packed that when you get back from your holiday, you need another one already? But did you know that you can have a really relaxing holiday without getting bored? Take a look at these tips and then get booking yourself a nice relaxing break in paradise.  

Read, read and read some more

This might sound like a simple and obvious idea, but reading will help to you relax and enjoy your time on holiday. To save space bringing an E-reader such as a Kindle is a good idea so that you can have a huge choice and even read more than one at a time. You can store lots of books and download more if you need to. You might even get so engrossed in your story that you can’t wait to get back on that sun lounger and start the next chapter. At home, you might not take the time out to just sit and read, so make the most of it. You might not ever get the time to read. While a couple of fiction books will give you some escapism, you might also want to get some non-fiction books. Perhaps there are some non-fiction books that you have always wanted to read, Is there something you want to learn about or perhaps there’s a self-help book that you would find useful too. If you can fill all your time up with reading, you’ll never get bored, but you will be relaxed. 

Treat Yourself

If a spa is your kind of thing, then make sure you book somewhere with this option so that you can enjoy massages and treatments throughout your break.

Try some Water Sports

A little bit of action and adventure every day will be fun but also tire you out so that you can relax the rest of the time. From snorkeling to jet skiing; sea kayaking to an afternoon spent on one of these Tamarindo Costa Rica fishing charters, there are loads of things you can do if you’re staying near the beach, so when looking for a holiday, make sure that some of these options are available so that you can partake if you wish. 

Indulge In Some Yoga

Beach Yoga is becoming more and more popular as holidaymakers want alternative ways to relax. Find a class at the beach and join in or go to a resort where you know does daily yoga sessions. Again you get your exercise in as well as relaxing. Early morning or late evening are usually the best times to practice yoga on a beach holiday as its a bit cooler and not as busy too. You can sleep or read in between. Once you've got the hang of it you can take a yoga teacher trainer course too!


Even if you’re not a writer and don’t have a story to tell, it is really relaxing to write down your feelings. It is also really therapeutic. Holidays are a great time to reflect, you’re away from home, and you have space and time to think about things. If things weren’t going right at work before you left or with a relationship, then write down how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking about each day. You can turn it into a bit of a journal. 


Use the time and the space to get some meditation in. You could do this while lying by the beach or the pool, and as your mind will be transported elsewhere, you won’t even think about being bored. 

Eat or Drink

Eating and drinking, trying new foods, and experiencing different cultures is what holidays are all about, and if you’re someone who stresses about what you eat and drink all the time, then the holiday is the perfect place to let yourself go and just relax. Eat and drink what you want, don’t think about it and just enjoy yourself. You will get back on track when you get home and are into a routine again. 

Go for walks

While walking is exercise too, it’s gentle, and it’s really good for your brain. Get up in the morning and go and explore or just walk along the beach. It will give you time to yourself, time to clear your head, and set you up or the day ahead. 

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  1. Emily Nelson says:

    Thanks for rounding this up! I’m looking forward to the holidays and it’s a season for me to take a break from work and hectic schedule. I could really use these tips you’ve shared. I’m considering to enrol in Yoga class since it’s one of the most recommended self-care techniques. We all need to unplug this holiday season. Happy holidays!

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