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May 4, 2018

Hot Hotel Tips To Save You Money

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Tired of paying premium prices for hotels? When travelling or going on holiday, hotels can be one of the biggest expenses alongside flights. Here are a few tips that can help you save money next time you need to book a room at a hotel.

Be an early bird

If you’re prepared to book and pay for a hotel room over nine months in advance, you could score yourself a massive discount. In other cases, some hotels may reward early booking guests with a free upgrade to a luxury suite or a room with the best view.  

Book last minute

A similar but more risky strategy is to book your hotel last minute. So that every room is booked up, many hotels at holiday resorts will slash prices a couple weeks before to encourage guests to book a room. This isn’t so much the case with city hotels, where people are always looking for last minute accommodation and prices hence stay at a steadier rate.

Hot Hotel Tips To Save You Money

Avoid central hotels

Hotels that are based in the hub of activity are often the most expensive. This could include easy access to attractions, bars, restaurants or simply a good view of a landmark. Finding a hotel out of the way could save you a lot of money. This is certainly the case with New York – the average hotel in Queens is almost a third of that in Southern Manhattan. Of course, you should always factor the money you may spend travelling to nearby attractions versus the lack of money you may pay for having these attractions on your doorstep.

Use online voucher codes

You can find many voucher codes for hotels on sites like Groupon. This could include a discount when using a certain hotel booking site or a discount on a specific hotel. Vouchers usually have an expiry date so make sure that you use them before this expiry date is up.

Collect club membership points

You can save money on accommodation such as this Heidelberg Marriott Hotel by joining hotel membership clubs. The likes of Marriott allow you to collect points over time that you can then book hotels with. This can often be much cheaper than booking these hotels directly.

Go all inclusive

When it comes to holiday resorts, it’s always advantageous to go all inclusive. This means that your food is all paid for so you can dine every night at the hotel for free if you want to. In most cases, this may even include a free bar, although it’s likely only certain drinks will be included in this deal.

Be wary of extras

Some hotels will try to catch you out with extras. This could include using the hotel room safe or taking something out of the hotel fridge. Other hotels may have penalties such as late checkout fees. There are even some hotels that bill you for how much TV you watch or how much wifi you use – research into these extras before you book.

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