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February 6, 2019

Get Fit Fast For Your Travels

Getting fit isn’t easy, otherwise every traveller would be walking around with toned abs, a single figure body fat percentage and a kale smoothie in their hand. Trying to get to your ideal weight, shun refined carbohydrates and sugars, and maintain your gym membership is difficult. However, there are some simple ways that can keep you headed towards your weight loss or fitness goal. Forget those people who just tell you to simply eat less and workout more. That’s too much of an oversimplification. You need to look within and look at the real crux of your fixation with chocolate, pastries or sitting in front of the TV every night and being inactive. Only then, will you be able to break the cycle, find your motivation and get fit for your next travel adventure. Take a look at these four simple steps that you can follow to get fit fast.

Find A Pal To Work Out With

It’s easy in January to pick up a cheap gym membership and venture down there a couple of times, before the cold weather sets in and your humble abode is too warm and cosy to leave. Instead, find a pal who also wants to lose weight and get fit. By heading to the gym together, you can spur one another on to hit your fitness goals. If one of you calls the other to say that you're going to give one particular Zumba class a miss, the other can hot foot it over and drag them to the gym kicking and screaming. Ok, perhaps you won’t go to such extremes, but it is vital that your friend can help you find your mojo if it ever gets lost.

A little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, so if you’re feeling brave, put a cheeky little wager on who will lose the most weight the quickest, who will drop their body fat ratio fastest or who can get the best PB for a 5k run.

Beat The Mid-Workout Slump

It’s all too easy when you are on the rower or the treadmill to hit a wall. Your breathing may become erratic, your legs start to feel like jelly, and the lactic acid can begin to build. You inevitably stop and don’t push through the barrier hindering your exercise. Instead, pack yourself a protein bar or two and some isotonic drink. This perfect combination gives you the ideal nutrient package you need to provide you with more energy reserves to power through your workout. You will end up burning more calories, have less lactic acid build up and be less likely to reach for a chocolate bar straight after your workout.

Focus On Nutrition

Just because you are heading to the gym four times a week, don’t assume that you can then eat anything in your path. You need to combine fitness with nutrition. This means eating a balanced diet, full of fruit and vegetables, plenty of unrefined whole grains and an abundance of leafy greens and lean meat. Fish is perfect for those essential fatty acids that you need, and leaner sources of protein will leave you feeling more energetic and ready to take on your gym workouts.

Make sure when you head for dinner that you don’t succumb to that slice of cheesecake. Try and think outside of the box and supplement your penchant for a sweet treat with your extra salad instead of fries with a burger. Plenty of chain restaurants are now catering for those watching their weight or for individuals with dietary requirements. Ask for the nutritional information, and it should be readily available. Opt for the vegan option or go for the high protein option to negate the refined carbs and white bread alternatives.

Use An App

There are plenty of free apps on the market that can help you with your fitness regime. While you might find yourself getting frustrated at the ads every dozen clicks or so, you can find a near encyclopedic knowledge of calorie counting, exercise workouts and tutorials online. These apps can be downloaded onto your smartphone, and you can record your progress each week. Seeing your thigh circumference shrink and the pounds drop can be enough to motivate you to keep heading down to the gym and keep following your new healthy diet.

Getting fit can seem like a mammoth uphill battle, especially if you are a gym newbie and you have a round the world trip planned. However, it is never too late to change your ways. Follow this simple guide and see your body and mind get fit fast.

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