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November 6, 2017

Funding Your Travelling Addiction With These Simple Ideas

Being able to travel the world is an amazing experience. There are endless amounts of things to see, people to meet, and things to do. Many people struggle when it comes to travelling because of lack of funds but luckily there are ways around this that you can incorporate into your life so that you can travel as you please. Here are some ways in which you can fund your travelling addiction.

funding travelling



Many travellers take up the hobby of blogging so that they can document their experiences as they go. There’s a lot of money to be made from blogging through advertising, affiliate links, sponsored posts, item reviews and much more. If you’re considering taking time to travel then why not start your own blog and make money while you travel? If after all is said and done you don’t make any money from your blog, you will at least have the documentation to cherish and also a great blog to continue contributing towards with the goal of earning from it!

Take online courses

Online courses are a great way of furthering your education while you’re on the move. This would mean that you could travel and learn at the same time so that when you return you could find yourself a much higher paying job. In turn, this will help fund any other travelling you would want to take in the future. Consider taking a international finance postgraduate programme so that once you return you can begin to look for a job in finance; meaning big money.

Sell your home

Some people go down the route of selling their home and buying a mobile home to travel in. Buying a mobile home is dramatically cheaper and would mean that you have home comforts with you at all times; therefore saving you money to fund your travels. The money you make from selling your home could contribute to taking an extended trip, or even making the transition into making this lifestyle permanent for yourself.

Work while travelling

Finally, another great way to earn money is to work while you’re travelling. Many families offer accommodation and payment for travellers in exchange for helping out with their business during your stay. For example, families that own farms are constantly looking for people to come and help harvest crops and deal with livestock. They will often have a spare room for you to stay in and it will also give you the chance to experience the culture of that country. Even if the work isn’t paid, a room to sleep in and food to eat will keep you going, so consider looking for this option when you’re planning your next trip!


Try these four ideas when it comes to taking your next trip away and see how easy it is to fund your travelling addiction. Remember, travelling is about the experiences rather than the objects you gain from it, so live the life of the people and most importantly, enjoy your travels!

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