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August 7, 2019

Things to consider when choosing your holiday accommodation


Travelling always seems to throw up a number of issues. Planes, rental cars and even finding somewhere to stay are all incredibly frustrating details that sometimes seem like they can never be resolved to your satisfaction.

Fortunately there is a simple and easy way to solve your problems: a furnished apartment. This will offer you all of the creature comforts that a hotel can offer and more! You can also request a place that suits your particular needs. For example, when I planned a residential visit for my student a couple of years ago to New York, I had one student who was in a wheelchair, so an accessible bathroom was essential!


One of the biggest expenditures when you travel is eating. Eating out when you are away significantly eats into your budget and meal times end up costing a lot more than if you had bought the food and prepared it yourself. Not many hotels include meals with the price of the room and even those that do don’t provide food for every meal of the day. These furnished apartments in Toronto include kitchens fully stocked with appliances that allow you to prepare your own meals. This will save you an incredible amount of money that you can spend on enjoying your trip in other ways. It also means that you can prepare food the way you like it, all it takes is a trip to the supermarket and you can have whatever you like for half of the price you would have paid before.


Even cheap deals on hotels will cost the same as it would to hire an apartment. The hotel rooms tend to be limited to a certain number of people as well. If you hire an apartment there is no limit on the number of people who can stay there, as long as you’re comfortable then you can stay there. This means that you can house 1,2 or even 3 sets of people all of the price of 1. When you add in how much money you will save on food as well it just isn’t cost efficient to even think of staying anywhere else.


How many times have you been away on a trip and you felt like you were living in just one room? Hotel rooms don’t tend to be likes prisons, and they certainly aren’t uncomfortable but they certainly aren’t as roomy as an apartment. If  you like to have space away from people now and again, or if the person you are travelling with likes to go to bed earlier than you, the communal areas means that you can have time alone if you like. The numerous things that apartments offer over hotel rooms mean that you can enjoy your vacation in complete comfort that you normally would only get at home.

If you are planning a trip that is going to last four days or more then an apartment is definitely the route you should be taking. It will save you enough money to take in any activities you previously thought too expensive and give you a home away from home so you can relax at the end of the day.

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