accommodation malaysia
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January 3, 2018

How to find the right accommodation in Malaysia?

accommodation malaysia

Out of all the countries of Southeast Asia, Malaysia, in all probability is the most easiest to travel in. Whether you're exploring the city by foot, cycling in Malaysia or doing an organised tour, there is so much to see in this wonderful country!

This is primarily due to the fact that not only is Kuala Lumpur a cheap destination to fly in, but the city serves as an excellent launching pad to explore all the important parts of the country being centrally located. Most people who travel to Malaysia will have a couple of days in Kuala Lumpa. Places like, Penang and Kota Kinabalu have become hot spots for expats and the digital nomad simply due to the reason that transport and accommodation are easy to find. You can also undertake a wide range of types of tourism here from a cultural tourism holiday in Malaca to a babymoon in Langkawi!

There is no dearth of good staying options in Malaysia, providing you stick to the basics. Just keep one thing in mind before you embark on your trip and that is to resist the urge to pre book your accommodation in advance, unless you have to adhere to a strict time schedule. By booking your ground journey after arrival in Malaysia, not only will your choices increase, but so will be your flexibility.

High end resorts

If you want to stay in an upscale hotel in Kuala Lumpur you will end up paying the same rate as that of any luxury hotel in Europe. If you can forsake the idea of staying in a chain hotel, there are far more magical places to opt for in the outlying areas. Sea facing villas on stilts, beachside and hill villas are just there for the taking in places like Pangkor Laut, Gaya Island and Cameron Highlands at a fraction of the city price. You can check out pangkor laut resort prices & deals. 

Budget hotels

There are hundreds of good hotels in Malaysia under $150 that require no advance booking and are perfect for both short and long stays. During the off season or when traveling to offbeat areas, accommodation will cost less, so plan ahead with regards to timing. A good idea is to get in touch with the local tourist board to get a list of all the budget hotels as some of them may not be listed online. There will be always something available, especially at locally run places, away from Western hotels. Sites like Travelfish, Agoda, Expedia and Travelocity will give a comprehensive list of hotels and the different categories of rooms available. Traveloka Malaysia have some great deals you can check out.

Boutique Hotels

Nearly every city in Malaysia have a number of boutique hotels options, each providing their own style and uniqueness. Some good boutique hotel finders include, iescape, Mr & Mrs Smith, Great Small hotels, Chic Retreats and MBoutique. Unlike other places around the world, boutique hotels in southeast Asia will  cost much more than the average hotel but will provide far more value for money.

Vacation Rentals

A vacation rental is best suited if one plans to stay in Malaysia for more than a few weeks and is perfect if you are travelling to Malaysia with kids. These economic accommodation options are extremely comfortable and cheap in the long run. They come with fully equipped kitchens and furnished like a home. They are easy to find and provide a totally different type of living experience. Though booking online is possible, it is always better to book on arrival by doing an extensive survey with the help of locals. There are hundreds of places with rent signs outside or real estate agents ready to help. Here also there are sites for reference like Airbnb, VRBO and Homeaway that allow you to narrow down your search from the thousands of homes which are available for your stay.


It is rarely necessary to stay in a hostel in Malaysia only because low priced accommodation in good hotels is available everywhere. However, if you are true hostel fan these sites like HostelWorld, Southeast Asia Backpacker and Agoda showcase a large number of southeast Asian hostels.

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