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March 30, 2021

A Guide to Special Event Planning From Scratch

Over the past year, celebrations have been canceled, downsized, or placed on hold. Even in these times, there is still much to celebrate. If you have an upcoming event, we can show you how to plan an event.

It's awesome to have creativity. You can use it for special event planning. Whether you're doing the event yourself or utilizing a friend's help, there are important details to cover.

Here is a guide on how to plan an event your guests will love.

Special Event Planning for Beginners

It's best to start with a small event when planning a special event for the first time. Getting a family member or friend to let you plan their event will give you the experience you need.

Always start with an event planning checklist to ensure you dot your Is and cross your Ts.

Set the Theme

The first order of business is to decide on a theme. You'll want a color scheme, matching linens, and the perfect furnishings for the event space. 

Details such as the type of tables, event chairs, and the need for a platform or stage are important. Will the event get held indoors or outside?

For outside events, learn more about Chiavari chairs. They are very popular and will add beauty to the event. 

Create a Budget

How much money is allotted for the event? The budget is a driving force when it comes to special event planning. No matter how big the plans are, if the money isn't there to cover the expense, you'll have to scale back.

It doesn't mean you can't have a fabulous event. You'll simply have to get creative.

Book a Location

Events requiring an event space require booking the location as soon as possible. Popular event spaces book up well in advance. Make sure the location is suitable for the event. For example, if you have found a commercial tent for sale and know this is required at the event, you know you need enough room to make it fit! 

Decide on Your Decorations

Themed parties are exciting and fun to plan. Research to find the best prices. If guests are required to follow a dress code, make sure you give them enough notice.

Design the Invitations

Invitations reflect the theme of the party. If you're hosting an event on the beach, use colors and images reflective of the setting. 

The invitations set the tone of the event. It's the first impression and will garner excitement for invitees.

Find a Caterer

Secure a caterer for your event. This is important if you have an exotic menu. The time of year is also something to consider.

Most caterers are booked and busy during popular wedding months.

Hire a DJ or Musician

No event is complete without entertainment. Get recommendations for DJs or musicians. Setup auditions and choose the best people to keep guests dancing and engaged.

Have the Time of Your Life

Special event planning is fun when you're passionate about what you're doing. After you've experienced your first successful event, people will call on you for upcoming events.

Are you planning a destination event? Explore our articles on the travel industry and the best places to visit.

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  1. This article is cool. It gives us an idea on planning an event without need to hire an event planner which is very helpful in considering our budget. Thank you.

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