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April 2, 2022

6 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Travel Blog

6 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog is a great option if you’re passionate about traveling and sharing your travel experiences, tips and insights. Not only do you get to have a creative outlet from where you can share your insights and experiences, but you could even earn an extra income from your blog – or perhaps, even make a full-time career out of it!

But before you start your very first travel blog, consider learning some of the things that we are about to share with you right now. These things could be very helpful as you go on your blogging journey and possibly even avoid some of the mistakes that other beginner bloggers tend to make.

So, here are the 6 things that you should know first before starting your travel blog:

Create your own niche

When people think of a niche, they think only in terms of categories: “travel”, “food”, “lifestyle”, “personal finance”, and “self-improvement”. Needless to say, yours is a “travel blog”, hence traveling is your niche. But go beyond the categories – that is to say, create your own niche!

Instead of limiting yourself to writing based on your blog’s niche – in this case, it’s all about traveling – think of what you want to write about. Maybe, you want to write more than traveling (although traveling is your primary niche). If so, then be it. If you want to focus, say, on travel tips, travel style (i.e. solo traveling, family traveling, etc.), or on writing about a certain destination (i.e. a continent, country, city, etc.), then feel free to do so.

Don’t feel obligated to write what other travel bloggers are writing or what’s published on travel blogs. Instead, focus on what you want to write about. Everything else will follow.

Be consistent in publishing posts

“Consistency is key”, they say, and this is very true in blogging. If you want to grow your blog, one of the things you should always keep in check is consistency. You can write some of the most interesting articles on the internet or you could have some of the highest quality articles, but if you only write every 5 months, your blog will never be known.

Consistency does not mean you should write every single day; it simply means that you write on a schedule that you can stick to and be consistent with it. If it means writing 2 articles per week, then do so. If you can publish an article every Friday, then commit to it.

Focus on value over keywords

Some bloggers jump into SEO the moment they’ve started their blog. While SEO certainly plays a role in blogging, what you should first focus on is the value of your article. Simply put, if your article is not valuable, interesting, entertaining, helpful, or relevant in any way, then readers will simply not read it.

Don’t worry too much about writing quality

A common mistake beginner bloggers make when starting a blog is being terrified to push the “publish” button once their first article is finished. While the anxiety is completely understandable, you eventually need to publish your first post.

Don’t worry too much about your writing quality. Focus instead on writing articles after articles. Over time, you can eventually improve your writing skills.

Remember that blogging is a long-term project

Another common mistake of beginner bloggers: they think that they can make $10k/month after 1-3 months of blogging. I hate to break it to you, but I nonetheless will: if making money is your priority for your blog, then blogging will take a long time before it starts to earn money. It’s very possible that you don’t earn any penny from your first or even second year of blogging. There are times when your blog may not earn anything at all.

Regardless, remember that blogging is a long-term project. If you want your blog to succeed, then you should think long-term and have a long-term commitment to it. Hopefully, your blog will succeed in the end!

Remember to have fun

Finally, at the end of the day, blogging is something that you should be doing out of fun. While it’s true that you need to take your blogging seriously, it does not mean that you should lose its fun side – otherwise, what’s the point of blogging?

So, yes, take your blogging seriously, especially if you’re aiming to make a full-time career out of it. But keep your enthusiasm and remember to have fun!

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