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February 19, 2020

5 reasons you should take more photos in 2020

We’re all familiar with taking selfies and posting them on social media. Whether it’s to showcase a new outfit, show off our makeup skills or our latest gym progress. And while some people may think it vain to take dozens of photographs of yourself whilst you try to find the right lighting, or photograph what you had for your dinner, you shouldn’t let those people put you off. Photography is a wonderful way to preserve parts of our everyday lives. And I think we should all continue to capture as much as we can- I never travel without my instant camera!

Photography is a great way to express your creativity, create memories, develop a flair for meticulous details and appreciate the world around us. You can, of course, decorate your home with your favorite images – discover these canvas prints for some stunning printing inspiration – which is the best way to add a personal touch to your home. 

Read on for 5 reasons you should take more photos in 2020.

Taking photos unleashes creativity 

Not everyone is skilled with a paintbrush or can pick up a pencil and simply start drawing. For others, taking photographs allows them to capture the creativity found in everyday life. From sunsets to perfectly timed photos, it’s amazing what you can create just by clicking a button. And of course, apps like Instagram allow us to play with filters and lighting, whilst photoshop also gives us a creative license to chop and change images into something beautiful, funny or inspiring! 

Learn more about photography

You don't just want to take photos, you want to take good photos, that's when the learning begins. Taking more photographs will introduce you to the interesting and varied world of photography. Where you can learn everything from lighting techniques to exposure, camera effects, equipment must-haves, shutter speeds and ISOs. Photography is always changing and there's always some new to get to grips with. 

See how far you’ve come

We've all heard of the social media phrase – the ‘glow up’. A side by side comparison of how much you've changed within several years. Taking plenty of images means that you have something to look back on and compare your current self to. So, whether you're on a weight-loss or fitness journey, you're documenting your pregnancy or the kids as they grow. The more photographs you take, the clearer it is to see how far you’ve come. 

Remember the good times

Perhaps the most obvious, but also the most prominent reason. The more photographs you take, the more memories and good times you’ll be able to look back on. Memories are strange things, and sometimes all it takes is a simple photograph of a face or a location to take you straight back to where it was taken. Even though you’d completely forgotten all about it. Amazing.

It’s a great hobby

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to take up a sport or head to a club every week. This is why photography is so amazing; it can be enjoyed by everyone and done by anyone. Taking lots of photographs provides you with a wonderful pastime that you can enjoy any time. 

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  3. Really A great content

  4. Esther Diaz says:

    True we live in the generation where we can definitely capture any moment with just a snap we have mobile, more upgrade cameras and so much more. Anyway, this is a great read. If people wanted to take a lot of photos, let them be. it could be their greatest experience and they want to have those memories 🙂

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